Little Pussy Retards like Eric Hainstock

There are just too many of these. Little pussy retard Eric Hainstock was mad at the principle for disciplining him for throwing a stapler at a teacher. He then proceeded to murder the principle in cold blood. Because he was mad. About a stapler. He threw an object at a teacher and was mad that he was in (minor) trouble for it. Now he is going to jail for the rest of his life (hopefully). WHAT THE FUCK.

Little Pussy Retards like Eric Hainstock

Bush Does Not Represent Me At All

Go read micadelic’s comments for some context.

First of all, on bias. On the editorial side, I agree that the NY Times leans decidedly left. I also believe that is their right. I do not believe they bias their news reporting. Fox does try to be fair at times but there are many shows that are a weird mix of editorial and news and that is super dangerous. I don’t mind if Fox leans right on editorial stuff but when you present news with an editorial bias, it is lame. I do not believe any (credible) news organization does this to the degree that Fox does. I also don’t think CNN leans left at all. Amy Goodman at Democracy Now! has a great video about how CNN and all the others were great big cheerleaders for the Bush administration during the combat phases of the recent wars. There was virtually no anti-war voice on any national media.

On the war. What you and Bush miss, in my opinion, is the fact that most of the people who are hurt by our actions are not terrorists. Bush doesn’t get that. 99.9% of the people hurt by the “war” in Iraq are not terrorists and they are not necessarily anti-American. Now throw in the context of Zionism and colonialism and Arabs are super duper sensitive to having US/UK boots on the ground. This is understandable. What do you say to this? If we were only hurting terrorists we wouldn’t be having this argument.

Finally, when Bush got elected I said to myself “Let’s have a little faith in all of these smart and well-meaning Right wingers and see how they do.” I was not hoping for failure by any means. One of the first things he did was renege on his promise to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. He told us one thing and did another. It didn’t exactly bolster my faith. Then with 9/11 came a pseudo-fascist agenda of spying on American citizens, trying to undermine the Geneva conventions, secret prisons, a ridiculously expensive war based on false pretenses (whether known or unknown), a campaign against same-sex couples, a statement that we should teach creationism in schools, a repeated agenda to drill in Alaska, something few Americans support, a belligerent attitude towards our allies such as France…the list goes on. I gave Bush a chance to prove that he represented me and he told me in no uncertain terms that he does not.

So, yes, at this point, Bush does virtually nothing I approve of. He chose that, I didn’t.

Although it may seem otherwise, I AM loyal to the US and my hardline opposition to this administration is an attempt to nudge them to the Left. Bush was elected by a slim minority yet he turned his back on the 48% on this side. He could have been a uniter and had he tried we would have a lot less to bitch about. Instead we hear about the “political capital” he earned and his intention to spend it. Fuck him. Bush is loyal only to his constituency, something that is unbecoming of a President. I can’t even attend one of his appearances because I won’t sign a freaking loyalty oath or whatever.

You are a smart guy and I respect your point of view. I can’t share it.

Bush Does Not Represent Me At All

Mozart and Tom Sawyer

Fear of offending Islam spurs hot debate in Europe

This bugs the shit out of me. This opera was written by Mozart over 200 years ago. It is a historical work of fiction. How can any one take offense from this?

There is a hard part to this issue, though. If a group of people are constantly subjected to negative stereotypes, they are going to get pissed off after a while. In this sense, I can understand why Muslims are tired of being portrayed as violent extremists. As we all know, Muslims don’t have the market cornered on violent extremism.

On the other hand, we need Muslims to stand up right now and say “We are not going to take issue with performances of works of art created 200 years ago.” History is filled with discrimination of all kinds and it can’t mean that we throw away all of the art from those periods. It’s the same with Tom Sawyer — it encapsulates a mindset of that period and we can and should learn from that. We need to take the good and learn from the “bad”.

We also can’t get so scared of outrage that we all cower in our little shells. Outrage is fine as long as it is non-violent.

Mozart and Tom Sawyer

Humpty W. Dumpty

Study Doesn’t Share Bush’s Optimism on Terror Fight

More crazy liberals who hate America, right micadelic?

I heard some excerpts of Bush talking about this and he reiterated his same old mantra “We have to be on the offensive.”

Why? In the hands of inept people that turns into a policy of unprovoked violence. Except for Iraq, we have very, very few terror attacks. Yes, let’s use intelligence and the military when necessary to stop attacks against us. But as Daniel Shore said recently, if Iraq is the center on the war on terror it is only because Bush made it so. It certainly wasn’t when this whole war in Iraq began.

Bush is blind to the fact that insurgency in Iraq and the global war on terror are not the same thing.

Just like I have said all along, we should not be in the business of nation building in Iraq. We aren’t qualified. Now its confusing our dim-witted President into thinking that is where the war is. It’s not. The war in Iraq is over. What’s left is a lot of resentment that America, while successful in getting rid of a dictator, destroyed the lives of millions of people and can’t figure out how to put it back together again.

Humpty W. Dumpty

Stupidity Roundup

The Star Tribune is reporting that same old tired irrational story that ‘Grand Theft Auto’ contributed to teen’s shooting spree. C’mon, folks, music, movies and games have virtually no impact compared to the influence of parents and other at-home role models.

Mark Dayton, who I generally like, is mad that the National Weather Service didn’t warn people about a storm they didn’t know about! I’m all for reviews to insure that we are doing the best we can, but we have to understand that weather is unpredictable and people on the ground have to react to circumstances as they develop and not wait around for the sirens to go off.

Apple Computer, who I love, are being stupid and trying to own the word ‘podcast’, a word they didn’t invent and have benefited from greatly. I absolutely hate liberal interpretations of intellectual property rights. Sorry, Apple, podcasting ain’t yours. Never complain when people do your advertising for you!

And finally, the TSA said we can bring liquids on planes again. What changed? Nothing. They just realized that paranoia and security are not the same thing. This was not security. I’m still waiting for someone with their head not up their ass to start addressing actual security instead of this pretend security. Someone like Bruce Schneier.

Stupidity Roundup

Erotica Isn't Necessarily Evil

Dear Den of the Biting Beaver

I realize this is insane but here goes:

Images of consenting adults engaging in consensual sexual activity is not in any way, shape or form evil.

The porn industry, I would tend to agree, is evil.

Men would like to live in a world where the former somehow can exist while the latter doesn’t.


Erotica Isn't Necessarily Evil

Water on Airplanes

I am still shocked and amazed that the morons who run our “security” have decided I can’t bring a bottle of god damn water on the airplane. For those of you who don’t recall, water is a necessity of life. It is the thing you die without 2nd, the 1st being air. It is the most common and harmless substance known to man. It is also readily identified as it has very little taste and no color or oder.

Add to this the fact that they could easily tell us we can’t take water into the secured areas of airports but they could let us buy water in the secure area and bring it on the plane. They could also confiscate for testing any substance that they had reason to believe was not water.

On the way over to Barcelona I was thirsty and I asked the flight attendant for a bottle of water. She said “Sorry, if we gave everyone who asked for a bottle we’d run out.” Thus, they had less than 1 liter of water on the plane for each person. This is for an 8 hour flight. Do you know how much water I can drink in 8 hours? 2 or 3 liters easily.

So 10 guys in England, whose terror attack was interrupted, have successful made sure you and I are thirsty when we fly. This is not security, folks, it is asinine, reactive, lazy and ineffective. The water ban will eventually be repealed, probably right after the mid-term elections. And we’ll be right back where we started, no safer, no less safe, just a hair less thirsty.

It is still hard for me to imagine what retard decided that us taking water on airplanes was a security threat. I am also amazed that airlines don’t bring a shit load of water when they know that we can’t bring our own. I’ll stand in long security lines, I’ll let you search my bag and throw away my lighters. I’ll take off my shoes, I’ll show up early. Sniff my butt with dogs if you want, but for Christ’s sake, let me drink my own fucking water.

Water on Airplanes

Da Rules

I know nothing about this blog but I clicked Da Rules link and I must say, it is the exact sort of thing I despise. Things like this:

I don’t OWE you fairness, this is MY place, MY rules and I have no problem debating something with someone but when you start to scream at me on MY blog I’m deleting it.

…and this:

You may have noticed I sound a bit arrogant and elitist. I am. It’s my blog. I’m allowed to be. There will be no comments allowed on this particular post except those that are in glowing admiration of us so no arguing with Da Rules.

…drive me crazy. Yes, I know, there are a lot of unpleasant, stupid people out there who say a lot of ignorant and annoying things. This is life on earth. You can’t always have it your way nor should you want to. We are all fully capable of ignoring people on our own. We can tell the smart ones from the dumb ones. We know flame bait when we see it. It’s not like a debate in person where someone can fillibuster and keep others from talking. We can all talk all we want. Oh wait, except on this blog, where we can only talk if follow Da Rules.

I’m sure this woman is very nice and smart and applies the rules relunctantly and fairly. At least I hope so. I still think this whole “it’s my blog so fuck you if you don’t like it” is lame and unnecessary and creates an uneven playing field in the debate. I, for one, avoid blogs like the plague that are reigned over by power-hungry retards.

Da Rules