Stupidity Roundup

The Star Tribune is reporting that same old tired irrational story that ‘Grand Theft Auto’ contributed to teen’s shooting spree. C’mon, folks, music, movies and games have virtually no impact compared to the influence of parents and other at-home role models.

Mark Dayton, who I generally like, is mad that the National Weather Service didn’t warn people about a storm they didn’t know about! I’m all for reviews to insure that we are doing the best we can, but we have to understand that weather is unpredictable and people on the ground have to react to circumstances as they develop and not wait around for the sirens to go off.

Apple Computer, who I love, are being stupid and trying to own the word ‘podcast’, a word they didn’t invent and have benefited from greatly. I absolutely hate liberal interpretations of intellectual property rights. Sorry, Apple, podcasting ain’t yours. Never complain when people do your advertising for you!

And finally, the TSA said we can bring liquids on planes again. What changed? Nothing. They just realized that paranoia and security are not the same thing. This was not security. I’m still waiting for someone with their head not up their ass to start addressing actual security instead of this pretend security. Someone like Bruce Schneier.

Stupidity Roundup

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