Shelter your children from ideas

Of course the Jesus freaks are up in arms about the upcoming movie The Golden Compass because it was written by…gasp…an atheist! The Head Retard of the Catholic League is concerned:

Our concern is this, unsuspecting Christian parents may want to take their kid to the movie, it opens up December 7th and say, this wasn’t troubling, then we’ll buy the books. So the movie is the bait for the books which are profoundly anti-Catholic and at the same time selling atheism.

First of all, this series of books is really, really entertaining and IT’S FICTION! It’s made-up stories about a made-up world. It is no more “selling atheism” than Narnia is selling Christianity. Bill Donohue has proven once again that he is an intolerant bully with his head up his ass.

Second of all, even if this book was “selling atheism”, you and your kids can still enjoy it and make up your own minds. Can’t you? Are you capable of making up your own mind? Are yours kids capable of being exposed to different ideas? Or do you need to shelter them in a little dome of ignorance?

This movie looks like it is going to be awesome.

Shelter your children from ideas

Book Stack


At right is my current book stack. I’m reading the top two and looking forward to the rest. I just acquired all of the fiction in the last couple of weeks, having run out of fiction. I have many other unread books laying around, but these are my immediate interests. I’m also reading Introduction to Cosmology by Barbara Ryden for my cosmology class.

I love books.

Book Stack


1. Yes, there are dumb Democrats that vote against school referendums. But organized efforts to vote down school referendums are always brought by no-new-taxes Republicans. They don’t like the taxes.

2. Public schools have no competition. There is a big, fat, huge difference between public and private schools that you are glossing over. Public schools have to accept everybody. The poorest, the most handicapped (or whatever the PC word is), those without support at home. Public schools don’t get to pick and choose. Also please note that private schools are expensive! Money seems to help just fine for private schools like Blake. Who the hell says that money won’t provide for a better education, of course it does.

Do a little test. Force all private schools to accept all applicants. Then see how well they “compete”.

3. Public schools don’t need competition. Competition implies winners and losers. In markets, some do well and some close up shop. We can’t close up shop. We need schools everywhere. Failure is not an option. Competition is the wrong way to think about education. Schools are not markets. They shouldn’t be markets.

4. Being anti-teacher is just retarded. Teachers are where the rubber meets the road. It’s like being anti-doctor. Teacher’s unions are a force for good in the world. Teachers are a force for good. You’ve met these people. They are good people. Not perfect but good, way better than average. You should be ashamed to be anything but pro-teacher. You are not pro-teacher if you are anti-teacher’s union.

5. School vouchers are the dumbest idea ever put forward by Righties. Here’s an idea, I have private security company that provides security at my house. (I don’t really, but bear with me.) So I don’t need the police. Plus the police need competition, right? Let’s take $100/month out of the police budget and give it to me, in a voucher, to offset my expenses with my private security company. Isn’t that a great idea? OF COURSE NOT. If you are rich enough to afford private security you don’t need a voucher from public money. Same goes for education. The Righties lie to us and say that school vouchers allow non-rich people to send their kids to private schools, too. That is completely false. A) the vouchers aren’t nearly enough money and B) private schools can just raise their rates by the same amount to keep the status quo. Plus, as I said, private schools can deny anybody they want. They have no constitutional mandate. They are an entirely different animal.

I hope I never have to send my kids to a private school. I am the son of public school teachers and I want us, the people, to provide high-quality education to every single child, period and without exception. If people choose to send their kids to private schools, fine, I don’t care. But do it on your own dime.

Like I said at the beginning, the correct way to address any problems in the public education system is to fix them. There is no other option and taking money out of the public education system and giving it to private schools is perhaps the dumbest “solution” I have ever heard.


I voted to raise my property taxes

I voted yesterday to raise my property taxes to benefit the children of the Robbinsdale School District. Note that I do not have children in the Robbinsdale School District.

But thanks to affluent, white Republicans, the school district was denied the funding they asked for:

The school levy for the Robbinsdale schools failed to pass, with 9,660 votes yes (47 percent) and 10,733 votes no (53 percent).

We all love to bitch about the education system and we all suffer the economic losses related to undereducated people and yet we say no every time these honest, smart and well-meaning people ask us to fund the constitutional mandate that they are charged with.

It’s stupid as hell and the people that voted against this are selfish twits.

I voted to raise my property taxes

How old is Earth?

I don’t know how it happened but I edited this entry on WikiAnswers: How old is Earth?

I gave a reference to a nice scientific article on the subject and gave the date with error bars. I forget the exact answer right now but as we all know the Earth is around 4 billion years old. We know this from many branches of science including geology, astronomy, biology.

The Jesus Freaks keep editing the entry and putting the answer back to 6,000, the Biblical age of the earth, also known as complete and utter nonsense.

The earth is around 6 thousand years old.

To whom it may concern: The Bible is truth. So when you say to put the truth up there, I am. Give me ANY evidence that the earth is 4 million years old. I base my evidence on truth.

Tell me, please, how can someone write something like that with a straight face? It’s batshit crazy.

So help me. Edit this entry every few days and keep the science haters at bay.

How old is Earth?