I am Michael D. Koppelman


I am Michael Koppelman. I live in Minneapolis, MN in the early 21st century.

  • I have a rock band: fire good.
  • I release more diverse music under Michael Koppelman on Apple Music and Spotify.
  • I have a blog that I have been blathering on for years.
  • I opine at The Lolife Podcast, a largely dormant podcast of almost 100 episodes (and no guarantees I won’t post more).
  • I used to work for the artist Prince as a producer/engineer.
  • I co-founded BBS-turned-ISP Bitstream Underground in 1994.
  • I co-founded digital agency Clockwork Active Media Systems in 2002.
  • I joined Badger Hill Brewing in 2014 as an Equity Lord and Head Brewer and now I’m just the former.
  • I’ve been involved in astronomy at the University of Minnesota and the American Association of Variable Star Observers.
  • I have (or did have) interests in high-powered rocketry, ham radio (KD0GQX), cryptography, Magic, both as a card game and as card tricks, biking, travel, philosophy and mathematics.
  • I am, in general, a know-it-all who is always looking to learn more and do more and be a better person in the process.
  • I am on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, GoodReads, Geni, Instagram, Snapchat and more I’ve probably forgotten. I leave it as an exercise for the reader to find me on those services if interested.

Welcome! Enjoy!