Off Twitter

I recently deleted my twitter account. There are a whole bunch of reasons for this. The main reason is – it stopped being a source of joy for me. “Doomscrolling” through my feed was depressing, not just because of political rancor, but because of the ubiquitous self-righteousness the platform seems to foster. People take to twitter like they take to caps-lock – in moments of extreme emotional certainty. I was no different, of course. But we are almost always wrong when we are in this mindset. Self-righteousness is always wrong. It always wallpapers over the subtlety that truth embodies. It also seems to propagate intolerance and hate. People get mad and then they assume a bunch of wrong things about others and then react to those assumptions. It’s a room full of dicks. If I was in a real physical space with a bunch of dicks, I would leave the room. I never hesitate to separate myself from idiots. Twitter gives voice to intolerant idiots more so than others because the non-idiots tend to be better at controlling themselves. Twitter is also the mouthpiece of the worst president the United States has ever had. Twitter has repeatedly shown they are cowards when it comes to taking away his megaphone. They power his megaphone. They apply their rules arbitrarily. It’s fine to detail how AOC should die but not OK to hope that karma pays Trump a visit? I call BS. I wanted to believe that @jack was different. He is not. He is complicit in the Trump teardown of American democracy. Finally, I began to feel uncomfortable with what I’d given Twitter. My 12+ year Twitter feed could be mined by all sorts of interests against my will. My businesses have been contacted by government agencies because of PR-oriented tweets. Organizations routinely and algorithmically mine twitter for advantage without any regard to our best interest. I used to love twitter because I love ideas. Ideas are no longer the thing that twitter promotes. I am an early adopter – I was probably on twitter before you and I am probably off it before you. You’ve been warned.

Off Twitter

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