Producer, Mix Engineer, Songwriter

Michael Koppelman (hereafter “I”) spent years as a recording engineer and mix engineer at Paisley Park with Prince and later artists including Booker T & the MG’s. You can find more on my discography, which is available from the following web sites, at least as of the time of this writing:

With Prince my era started with Graffiti Bridge, included Diamonds & Pearls and concluded with Love Symbol, although my name has been on Prince records as late as 2006.

I produced, recorded and mixed the excellent Marvin the Album by Australian act frente and also produced and mixed A Man Called E, Basehead, Moxy Früvous, and Minneapolis folk/rock act Tea and Sympathy.

I am also a songwriter. I wrote one song with Prince that was released by the artist Louie Louie called “Dance Unto The Rhythm” and several songs with Prince protégé Ingrid Chavez (esp. “Hippy Blood).

I graduated from Berklee College of Music in 1988 in Music Production and Engineering with proficiency on guitar. My band, raintribe, released a record or two in the Minneapolis, Minnesota music scene in the 1990’s. I played bass and a little keyboard on Prince‘s “Blue Light and I remixed and added guitars and keyboards to Elisa Fiorello‘s “Oooh This I Need”. I play occasional guitar with Minneapolis indie legend Alicia Corbett. I play the piano all the time.

I’ve been involved in entrepreneurial pursuits in the internet and beer industries since the mid-1990’s through the present. I still write, record and mix music, albeit very selectively, upon request, with artists I love. Feel free to drop me a line on Twitter @lolife if you’d like to run your project by me.