Water on Airplanes

I am still shocked and amazed that the morons who run our “security” have decided I can’t bring a bottle of god damn water on the airplane. For those of you who don’t recall, water is a necessity of life. It is the thing you die without 2nd, the 1st being air. It is the most common and harmless substance known to man. It is also readily identified as it has very little taste and no color or oder.

Add to this the fact that they could easily tell us we can’t take water into the secured areas of airports but they could let us buy water in the secure area and bring it on the plane. They could also confiscate for testing any substance that they had reason to believe was not water.

On the way over to Barcelona I was thirsty and I asked the flight attendant for a bottle of water. She said “Sorry, if we gave everyone who asked for a bottle we’d run out.” Thus, they had less than 1 liter of water on the plane for each person. This is for an 8 hour flight. Do you know how much water I can drink in 8 hours? 2 or 3 liters easily.

So 10 guys in England, whose terror attack was interrupted, have successful made sure you and I are thirsty when we fly. This is not security, folks, it is asinine, reactive, lazy and ineffective. The water ban will eventually be repealed, probably right after the mid-term elections. And we’ll be right back where we started, no safer, no less safe, just a hair less thirsty.

It is still hard for me to imagine what retard decided that us taking water on airplanes was a security threat. I am also amazed that airlines don’t bring a shit load of water when they know that we can’t bring our own. I’ll stand in long security lines, I’ll let you search my bag and throw away my lighters. I’ll take off my shoes, I’ll show up early. Sniff my butt with dogs if you want, but for Christ’s sake, let me drink my own fucking water.

Water on Airplanes

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