Da Rules

I know nothing about this blog but I clicked Da Rules link and I must say, it is the exact sort of thing I despise. Things like this:

I don’t OWE you fairness, this is MY place, MY rules and I have no problem debating something with someone but when you start to scream at me on MY blog I’m deleting it.

…and this:

You may have noticed I sound a bit arrogant and elitist. I am. It’s my blog. I’m allowed to be. There will be no comments allowed on this particular post except those that are in glowing admiration of us so no arguing with Da Rules.

…drive me crazy. Yes, I know, there are a lot of unpleasant, stupid people out there who say a lot of ignorant and annoying things. This is life on earth. You can’t always have it your way nor should you want to. We are all fully capable of ignoring people on our own. We can tell the smart ones from the dumb ones. We know flame bait when we see it. It’s not like a debate in person where someone can fillibuster and keep others from talking. We can all talk all we want. Oh wait, except on this blog, where we can only talk if follow Da Rules.

I’m sure this woman is very nice and smart and applies the rules relunctantly and fairly. At least I hope so. I still think this whole “it’s my blog so fuck you if you don’t like it” is lame and unnecessary and creates an uneven playing field in the debate. I, for one, avoid blogs like the plague that are reigned over by power-hungry retards.

Da Rules

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