Music for Film

I have written songs since I was a teenager. The highlight of my songwriting career (so far) has been writing a song with Prince (Dance Unto The Rhythm) and writing several songs with and for his protégé Ingrid Chavez. For more information check out my Wikipedia page (Michael Koppelman) or my discography.

I’ve written a lot of instrumental music over the years. I especially like piano music but I also fool around with dance beats and synthesizers. Here is a collection of songs I am looking to license for TV and film.

All songs written, performed and copyright ©2020 Michael Koppelman.

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A Flame

A Flame (Instrumental) © 2020 Michael D. Koppelman

This features piano and modern, ambient drums.

Arp Bass

Arp Bass (Instrumental) © 2020 Michael D. Koppelman

An upbeat synthy four-on-the-floor groove with some resonator guitar.

Build a Bridge

Build a Bridge (Instrumental) © 2020 Michael D. Koppelman

A mid-tempo upbeat drums & piano piece.


Eight (Instrumental) ©2020 Michael D. Koppelman

A jazzy synth-heavy beat with piano and vibes.


FlugelAir (Instrumental) ©2020 Michael D. Koppelman

An easy listening jazz piece with mallets, piano and flugelhorn.

Inside Your Heart

Inside Your Heart (Instrumental) ©2020 Michael D. Koppelman

A melancholy minor-key piano with strings.


Synth-o-Pink ©2020 Michael D. Koppelman

A jazz/swing feel pervades this easy listening piano, marimba and synth piece.

That Thing

That Thing (Instrumental) ©2020 Michael D. Koppelman

Pizzicato strings and brass drive this uplifting piano song.


Unspoken (Instrumental) ©2020 Michael D. Koppelman

An uplifting pretty piano and strings landscape.