9 thoughts on “The Truth Hurts Neocons Again

  1. micadelic says:

    You have your idealogues and morons and I have mine. I could write the exact post you just made and turned the names around.

    I don’t think W is a shitty president. I think is he is brave, unflinching, and not governing by popularity polls, the complete opposite of Clinton. I have zero respect for Clinton. Sure, he’s really smart, everybody gives him credit for that, even his harshest critics. You never heard me call him a moron. I just think he defiled the office of the president and he’s a narcissistic jerk. I honestly believe that. I help to run a company, if I was boffing an intern on the side and I was found out, I would be sued for sexual harrassment and very likely asked to leave, not to mention divorced. And I don’t even run a country, just a little web development firm. I think standards for our leaders should be higher than what we hold ourselves to, not lower.

    One of the tactics of the left, IMHO, is to say that everyone in the world is against us, or domestically, that “the majority of Americans now believe blah blah blah…” when it’s just either flat out not true or at the very least debateable (depending on the pollster or how the questions are framed and then the interpretation of the results). I think this is to just kowtow the ignorant and allow people to feel that they’re in with the cool kids. To the Kurds, Bush is a hero, to most of the population of Afghanistan, the US troops are their salvation. I believe in time the moderate majority in Iraq will be able to come forward and express these same sentiments. The US and W are not the fount of evil in this world. I believe that Bush is doing what he honestly, honestly believes is best for humanity and the future of his kids and mine. You can disagree with the way that he’s gone about it but I believe his motives are actually pure. When I hear all this stupid shit that he’s done everything he’s done for the benefit of Haliburton or to avenge his old man or to buddy up with his pals in Saudi Arabia it drives me nuts. I think that nothing is further from the truth. And then add on top the wing-nuts that believe he is behind bringing down the WTC by controled explosions. W is the ultimate underdog in my book. I admire him for having the courage of his convictions. That’s why I defend him so much, I feel he has been badly, badly maligned and I don’t believe I’m stupid for holding this opinion.

    So yeah, I’m sticking up for him and I think history will prove how right he’s been. Having said that, I am fully willing to accept the possibility that I may be wrong and I’m backing the wrong horse, but I’m not changing my mind even though “the entire fucking world” disagrees with me.

    And BTW, almost all of my friends, including you, are liberals and hardly any of them are scumbags! 😉


  2. I’m just trying to figure out how you can claim you have an open mind when there is not, apparently, a liberal on earth who isn’t a scumbag? I’ve seen you denigrate Harry Reid, Joe Biden, John Murtha, Al Gore, Bill Clinton. All hopeless hacks, frauds and idiots in your book. How can you call that open minded? It’s not enough for you to disagree with them, you have to character assassinate them.

    I do the same thing when it comes to W because I think all evidence supports him being a ideologue and a moron. He represents the richest of the rich. He called them his base, literally. The guy is a shitty President by almost every measure.

    But there are people in the center (like Clinton) and on the Right (like McCain) that I can respect. I can respect (to some extent) Arnold or Rudy. I don’t respect DeLay (who would?) or Frist (who puts politics before medicine, for Christ’s sake).

    My cheap shot (and it was) to call you part of the problem is based on the realization that the entire fucking world, meaning most of the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Canada, Australia…the list goes on…think Bush sucks ass, that Americans are self-serving to an obscene extent and that the US is bullheadedly heading in the complete wrong direction. Yet you say “way to go W”? You really, honestly think I’m just some bitter liberal with evil intentions towards this good man? Really, you think that?

    Clinton was to the RIGHT of Nixon. Yes, he showed horrible judgment with his intern. He is a brilliant man and I can’t believe you are blind to that. Yes, a bit self-serving, but no more than Bush, for Christ’s sake and probably much, much less.

    Sorry, you know this is not personal to me and I don’t mean to question your intelligence or your intentions but I am completely flabbergasted that you seem to fall so squarely in a party line that is, to most observers, in denial and decline.


  3. micadelic says:

    I hate Rush Limbaugh and I NEVER listen to him, ever. He’s preaching to the stupid.
    Climate change for real? Absolutely, never doubted it, it happens all the time over the course of billions of years. Caused by humans? Debateable.
    I have an aquaintance, nicest guy in the world you’d think. Gives money to charities, loves to make a big show of his philanthropy. Problem is, he’s a conniving crook who has lied, cheated, stole, and otherwise cut a swath of destruction through the lives of most who have had the misfortune of being sucked in. Sound familiar?
    If being informed, curious, well read and (although I know you won’t agree), open-minded makes me part of the problem, sorry. Hopefully intelligent minds can disagree


  4. ::barf::
    W wouldn’t know truth if it bit him on the ass. I’m sure they’ll fire anyone in the CIA that disagrees with them.

    Yeah, stupid ol’ Gore and his bullshit about climate change. Oops, better read this.

    And what is up with Clinton? Trying to fight disease and poverty. What a nutjob.

    Dude, you are starting to sound like you get your news from Rush Limbaugh. Please, get help. You are part of the problem.


  5. micadelic says:

    Well, well, well, the evil Dr. Bush ordered the declassification of the key findings of the NIE and guess what? The “characterizations” by the “unnamed government officials” (aka disgruntled fucknuts in the CIA who should be tried for treason) are about 180° from the actual truth. In the very least, these “characterizations” appear to be a highly spun stretch. Another example of the left wing Bush-hating media trying to influence an election

    Way to go W, looks like the truth is actually on your side.

    And yes, I do despise Al Gore, mostly because he is unhinged and an actual fear-monger by the true definition of the word.

    Bill Clinton, he is a narcissistic, lying psychopath who is in denial about his actual record. But I guess that depends on what your definition of is is.


  6. Maybe. Yes, a few like Will will point out a disagreement or two. Tony Snow, Rumsfeld, Bush, Cheney — they are the people in denial. As you well know, it is like pulling teeth to get Bush to admit mistakes. Rumsfeld never has. Al Gore, whom I’m sure you hate for some reason, recently said:

    History shows that the Bush administration’s pattern of lies and deception cannot change reality – whether they are trying to deceive us that the war is in its “last throes,” that global warming needs “more study” before we can combat it, or that tax cuts for the top one percent help ordinary families. Americans know the truth and Americans know that it is time to bring the truth back to Washington.

    Clinton just said “I tried and failed to kill bin Laden”. Let’s see Bush be as contrite.
    We understand war too well. It destablizes. It kills innocent people. You can only achieve military objectives militarily! Please explain our military objectives in Iraq.
    Why? You know as well as I do that all the media outlets are saying that this report says the war on terrorism is not making us safer, something that should be self-evident to all thinking people.


  7. micadelic says:

    You are wrong. Lot’s of republicans, including me, George Will, Bill O’Reilly, John McCain, Lindsay Graham (the list goes on) have been extremely critical of the prosecution of this war and other administration policies. Even Bush himself said “mistakes were made.” So, you are flat out wrong on this point.
    You guys obviously have the market cornered on humility and contrition. Bill Clinton should be your poster child. Bush does not harm you every day. If George Bush had all the power the left attributes to him to control the world from a sub-atomic granular level, wouldn’t you be a right-wing christian by now?
    The left does not understand war. War sucks, war is hell, shit happens and shit gets hopelessly fucked up. Could we have done a better job, hell yeah. Am I going to condemn the Commander In Chief for every mistake, no. I’m going to support him and conspire for his ultimate success, not hope for his failure.
    Why don’t you wait for the report instead of beating your chests about “characterizations by unnamed sources.”
    I’m glad your back!!! 😉


  8. This administration, and other Republican bullies, do not acknowledge ANYTHING ANYWHERE EVER that criticizes Bush policies. If this administration had an ounce of honesty about this fucked up, poorly planned and poorly executed “global war on terror” I think the Left would be a little less eager to show them how wrong they are.

    You guys are never humble, never contrite, never admit errors and constantly paint this rosy picture that is FALSE. So yes, you are right, as proof comes in that you are wrong we jump on it, not because we wish Bush harm — we don’t — but because Bush harms us every day and then puts enough spin on it to suggest we should thank him for his incompetence.

    Competency, my friend, gives results. I’d argue the war in Afghanistan was competently done. The war in Iraq has been a disaster. You’d never know it by talking to Bush or Rumsfeld now, would you?

    If this report says what everyone is saying it says, the White House will either say it is wrong or they will say it is wrong AND partisan. They will not admit the truth if it contradicts their political objectives. They are always right, no matter what the facts say. That’s my point.


  9. micadelic says:

    I don’t know what “the truth” is in this instance but I do know a little something about intellectual honesty (something the left tries hard to avoid).

    The exact same article that lolife cites above states the following:
    “The newspapers did not offer direct quotations from the report, relying instead on characterizations of the document by unnamed government officials.”

    Yeah, those “characterizations” by “unnamed government officials” taken as “truthiness” are pretty damning.

    Please guys, can’t you do better than this? Can’t you see how sad and desperate this type of Bush-bashing sounds. Can’t you at least wait until you have a real argument and then present it? No, you just can’t wait for any evidence to bash our president no matter how preliminary or unfounded. Kind of like a “reporter” writing an article where the premise of the article is predetermined before all the facts are discovered.

    I’ve been waiting for an opening to point out how this type of “bash Bush first” mentality is harming our country and it’s standing in the world even more than Bush himself. It makes it OK for asshole despotic tyrants like Chavez and Ahmadinejad to come onto our soil and call our president the devil, etc. The left has given license to the world to do this. I believe that Jefferson predicted that the destruction of our country would come from within and it’s my opinion that we can fault the bash America first crowd (i.e. the left and the dinosauer media) with paving the way.

    So, please note my point with this post; it is not whether or not the report in question has any veracity or whether it is indeed an indictment of the administration. It’s this breathless calling out of any potential misstep or fault of the administration based on the slimmest of evidence. It’s my firm contention that the left in this country has stooped to not just criticizing, which is their right to do, but actually conspiring for the failure of this administration, and thus our country, for their own political gain.

    Did you know that “unamed government sources” have “characterized” Ted Kennedy as a murderous alcoholic anti-American blowhard?


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