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You’ll be happy to know that roughly 0.2% of the people that arrive at my site via a search engine are searching for “i feel like vomiting”.

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21         1.96%  systematic discrimination
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17         1.59%  binning data
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A message to fundamentalists regarding science

This was written by my friend and lawyer Mark Sondreal. Mark also wrote a piece that I posted here a while back called Abortion and the Right to Privacy.

I was recently engaged in a discussion with a man when the topic turned to evolution. He stated that he was a Christian and therefore did not believe in evolution. I attempted to explain my belief that Christian beliefs and evolution are easily reconcilable. He indicated his belief that the story of creation as set forth in the bible was the literal truth and that anyone who didn’t believe in the word of God could not be a Christian. As I didn’t want to be dispatched with the jawbone of an ass, I left the conversation at that.
I believe that the man I was speaking with could be accurately described as a “Fundamentalist Christian”.

Here’s my message to all you religious fundamentalists (Christian or otherwise) out there regarding science and religion. Religions should not attempt to alter scientific theory to fit belief systems. My position is supported by the absolute folly of past attempts to stymie science by religious organizations. For example, back in the day, the church threatened Copernicus for theorizing that earth orbited the sun because such a theory was at odds with the position of the church. Copernicus’s works were not published until after his death in 1543 because he was afraid of being tried for heresy. The church officially forbade publication of Copernicus’s work until 1822. Can you say stupid?

Scientific methodology is designed to accurately describe our physical world. The fact that a particular scientific theory does not fit perfectly within a belief system does not make the theory wrong, it simply requires adherents to that belief system to exercise a bit of mental flexibility. For example, just because the bible says that the world was created in seven days does not disprove evolution. Maybe the creation story in the bible is not meant to be taken literally, or maybe the passage of seven days took a lot longer fifteen billion years ago.

Here’s the logic. If you believe in a “just God”, you must believe that God wants us to know the truth about our world because falsity is at odds with justice. The truth about our physical world is revealed through scientific study. It follows that a “just God” would want us to engage in critical thought processes inherent in the scientific method. Therefore, it is the duty of God’s followers to pursue reason. Fundamentalism belies reason and is therefore counter to God’s will.

I would submit that people who can’t reconcile scientific fact with their religious beliefs are either intellectually lazy or irrational. Unfortunately, I have yet to meet a fundamentalist who is capable of rational thought when their belief system is threatened.

p.s. I apologize for the self-righteous tone of this piece. It’s just that ………. I’m right.

A message to fundamentalists regarding science

On the use of the word "retard"

First of all, I blame John Stewart for the fact that I use the word “retard” way too much now. Many people, when you use that word, think of people with mental disabilities. You shouldn’t. While the word “retard”, interpreted literally, is probably accurate in many ways when applied to some people with mental disabilities, the word is not and cannot be used in that way. It is a harmful word that I would never, ever use in regards to people who have mental or learning disabilities.

I’m justifying, here, that I am not comparing people to people with disabilities. I’d define the word, in this slang context, to mean people with ridiculously faulty logic.

To use it in a sentence, when I say that Tony Snow, for example, is a complete fucking retard, what I mean is, his high-suction ass-kissing ability, his blatant mischaracterization of facts, his evasive and misleading statements and his inane word choices reveal a man with his head so far up his ass that it is actually probably a compliment to simply refer to his rather lagging development!

Yes, this is all very snide and condescending. My point is, as I felt myself slipping into using the word retard (thanks, again, to John Stewart) I thought about it in terms of whether it was PC or not, and I came to the conclusion that I’m OK. But I still worry about it, ’cause my goal is to offend only those whom I intend to offend.

Your thoughts?

On the use of the word "retard"

Over My Dead Body

I’ve been as shocked and pissed off as most of you about the recent killing of innocent GIRLS by fucked up, bat-shit crazy, retarded, misogynistic, evil bastard, waste of carbon fucking asshole MEN.

Listen up, you fucking losers, put the gun in your mouth right now and pull the trigger. You are insane and evil and we will not let you act out your fucked up fantasies as part of your police-assisted suicide.

I think we should make a new law that says any adult that walks into a school with a gun will be instantly shot in the fucking head. No questions, no warnings, shot in the head. Dead. That is the correct response when these freaks get near our children.

This case with the Amish is particularly frightening because the fucking asshole lost a daughter and was devastated by it. What does he do? He steals the daughters of other innocent people. And he brings fucking KY jelly along with him. Death was way to good for that evil fuck.

Listen up, people (the rest of you, the ones who aren’t bat-shit crazy). We cannot stand for this. We cannot stand around waiting for the police to be dispatched. We have to lay down our lives if necessary and kill these fucking criminals before they lay a hand on our children. Grab the gun, grab them by the throat, every able-bodied male should hog pile on these retards and then beat them to death. We cannot stand for this.

Over My Dead Body

Some Muslims Are In Fact, Violent Idiots

Let’s not let our cultural sensitivity turn us into complicit pussies. There are evil, dumb people of all persuasions. This is so moronic it is hard to imagine:

“If one is asked which one is more dangerous, naked women or the Bali bomb, the answer is certainly the women with such revealing clothing,” he said.
Bashir, 68, was released in June after serving more than two years for his role in the Bali blasts, which killed 202 people, including 88 Australians.

Maybe we better put him back in jail. Killing 200 people vs. looking at natural human bodies? Anyone see some faulty logic here?

Some Muslims Are In Fact, Violent Idiots

We Miss You Paul

From AlterNet:

Three weeks before he died, Paul voted against war in Iraq. At the time, his opponent was aggressively accusing Paul of being weak on national security. Polls told Paul a vote against war would lose him the election. But as he told the Washington Post two days after the vote, “I think people want you to do what you think is right.” He then added, in typical Wellstone fashion, “how would I have had the enthusiasm and the fight if I had actually cast a vote I didn’t believe in? I couldn’t do that.”

A few days later Paul delighted in the fact that his vote resulted in a surge of support among Minnesotans, a surge that almost certainly would have led to his reelection.

The last guy with real conviction, real morals, real ideals and real balls. His influence is sorely missed.

We Miss You Paul

Mark Drake — brain-dead ass fart?

Mark Drake is the smear master of the Minnesota GOP. He is also a lying rat bastard.

Hey Mark, did Kennedy take any money from K-street? Did he take any money from special interests? Of course he did you twit. You are accusing Amy Klobuchar of doing what every single candidate in the GOP does. QED you are a retard.

Don’t listen to the lies of the GOP. They have abandoned you.

Mark Drake — brain-dead ass fart?