We Miss You Paul

From AlterNet:

Three weeks before he died, Paul voted against war in Iraq. At the time, his opponent was aggressively accusing Paul of being weak on national security. Polls told Paul a vote against war would lose him the election. But as he told the Washington Post two days after the vote, “I think people want you to do what you think is right.” He then added, in typical Wellstone fashion, “how would I have had the enthusiasm and the fight if I had actually cast a vote I didn’t believe in? I couldn’t do that.”

A few days later Paul delighted in the fact that his vote resulted in a surge of support among Minnesotans, a surge that almost certainly would have led to his reelection.

The last guy with real conviction, real morals, real ideals and real balls. His influence is sorely missed.

We Miss You Paul

One thought on “We Miss You Paul

  1. micadelic says:

    I totally agree with you. I actually admired Paul Wellstone very much. He truly had the courage of his convictions and I had great respect for him. I was fortunate to attend a social event that he was at with his wife and I spent several minutes talking to him. He was kind, very intelligent, and really fun to talk to. I only say this to share my first-hand impression of him. I didn’t agree with a lot of his politics but he was truly a great man.


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