Over My Dead Body

I’ve been as shocked and pissed off as most of you about the recent killing of innocent GIRLS by fucked up, bat-shit crazy, retarded, misogynistic, evil bastard, waste of carbon fucking asshole MEN.

Listen up, you fucking losers, put the gun in your mouth right now and pull the trigger. You are insane and evil and we will not let you act out your fucked up fantasies as part of your police-assisted suicide.

I think we should make a new law that says any adult that walks into a school with a gun will be instantly shot in the fucking head. No questions, no warnings, shot in the head. Dead. That is the correct response when these freaks get near our children.

This case with the Amish is particularly frightening because the fucking asshole lost a daughter and was devastated by it. What does he do? He steals the daughters of other innocent people. And he brings fucking KY jelly along with him. Death was way to good for that evil fuck.

Listen up, people (the rest of you, the ones who aren’t bat-shit crazy). We cannot stand for this. We cannot stand around waiting for the police to be dispatched. We have to lay down our lives if necessary and kill these fucking criminals before they lay a hand on our children. Grab the gun, grab them by the throat, every able-bodied male should hog pile on these retards and then beat them to death. We cannot stand for this.

Over My Dead Body

One thought on “Over My Dead Body

  1. trypnotic says:

    I’ve always said that if someone ever touches, harms, molests, threatens, etc my kids, they better hope the police get to them before I do.


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