4 thoughts on “The Lolife Podcast No. 67

  1. micadelic says:

    You rock dood. I’m going to look into starting my own blog, I’m just worried that I do a better job reacting than initiating. We’ll see.



  2. I feel a lot of agreement here! First of all, don’t feel like you have to lay low, but I understand that being the resident token conservative might get old! If this blog wasn’t so personal in other ways (astronomy/music) I would invite you as an author. I like to see all points of view discussed.

    I don’t recall calling you a party hack, per se. I’m just always surprised how Left and Right ALWAYS disagree on almost everything. If I say black you say white. I’m not criticizing you anymore than I am criticizing myself.

    Start a blog, bitch! Then I’ll harass you on yours. 😉


  3. micadelic says:

    Hey guys,
    I think I’ve monopolized too much of this blog and after this post, I’m going to lay low for a while. I only started posting here because I didn’t see any dissent and I thought some of the stuff being said at least needed to be challenged. I am far from a right-wing zealot and to some extent, I’ve been playing the part of devil’s advocate. Lolife comes off as much more reasoned and resonable in his podcast than in his writing and if you talked to me, you would probably think the same thing. Lolife and I have much in common and I think we would agree on about 95% of everything in life.

    Foley is a creep. No doubt. I do not defend him at all. I think efforts to say Clinton did X or Barney Frank did Y are disgusting; bad behavior, to whatever degree, does not excuse bad behavior. Now he’s in rehab for alcoholism, and he was molested by a priest, etc. etc. He’s a victim. Boo fuckin’ hoo. He is the embodiment of hypocrisy and I got no sympathy for this jerk.

    Having said that, you made a point that if anybody knew anything about it, they should be held accountable. My understanding is that the house leadership knew about the emails (which were supposedly not as graphic or overt as the IMs) but not the IMs. It seems to me the media is cynically trying to confuse the issue by mixing the IMs with the emails knowing that most casual observers (or voters) will not know the difference or parse this information correctly.

    What about the ABC reporter Brian Ross? Supposedly he knew about it for months but was “too busy” (his words) to break this story until now because of the Katrina and 9/11 anniversaries. Does any honest liberal actually believe that? Doesn’t the media have any responsibility to report criminal behavior to the proper authorities? Doesn’t Brian Ross leave young kids in potential danger by not reporting this creep as soon as he knew? Plus, I would almost guarantee you that if some of the Republican leadership knew about these emails, there had to be some Democrats that knew it too. Information in Washington is not that compartmentalized or closely guarded as we all know.

    Ya know what, I got no problem with Woodward writing whatever book he wants to write and publishing it whenever he wants to publish it. It’s his First Amendment right and I say go for it Bob. He admitted that he wanted it to come out before the election. That doesn’t even bother me.

    What I do find interesting is that neither of Woodward’s first 2 books about the administration, which were supportive of Bush, were the lead story on all 3 networks on the same night. Weird. Plus, there are many, many conservative books supportive of Bush and the administration and I don’t remember even one of them even being mentioned in the MSM let alone elevated to lead story status.

    Dixie Chicks
    I love the Dixie Chicks. Their politics bug me but I think their most recent album is brilliant. It has literally been in my 6 Disc CD changer at home since the day we got it.

    Micadelic, party hack?
    You made the point that I just go along with the entire party line all the time, no matter what. I don’t think you’ve read my posts very carefully. Let me just list the ways I do differ with the administration and the far right.

    I totally agree that this war has been poorly prosecuted and hindsight being 20/20, mistakes have been made. I just haven’t heard any reasonable alternative to kicking-ass and getting the hell out. I just don’t think withdrawing with our tail between our legs would be a good idea. I think the enemy would take that as weakness and declare a victory. We need to somehow win this thing.
    I am not a religious conservative at all. I don’t go to church and I basically think that organized religion, for the most part, is the root of all evil. I do however, believe that there is some order in the universe and I’m not ready to say there is no god. So, maybe I’m a Deist. Mainly when people ask me what I believe, I tell them I believe in the absolute beauty of being.
    I wish the administration would do a better job of explaining and/or defending their policies. I do think there is a certain arrogance and I can understand how that bugs the shit out of people, especially people that don’t necessarily agree with them.
    I think that fiscally, Bush is a disaster and not a true conservative. He has grown the government. I think the government needs to be shrunk substantially.

    And I don’t think it’s fair to say that Bush is either stupid or incompetent. I think there is a third choice… he might be right. Not necessarily in all his tactics, and the way he’s gone about things, but in the larger picture of the great arc of history. There have been many military “blunders” in the past that appear a lot different now through the lens of time.


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