Fact vs. Faith

PZ said:

<blockquote…the creationist camp thinks the rhetoric of loud poseurs ignorant of biology, like Ann Coulter, constitute “facts,” while the serious research of thousands of biologists, of which they have no knowledge, is not only a matter of mere opinion, but is false. It’s not just backwards, it’s insanely backwards.

Yes. Insane is the term you are looking for. I beat and beat and beat this dead horse, as does PZ and the whole free-thinking gang and it just seems to make the creationists close their eyes and ears even more.

THIS IS SCIENCE. ANY ARGUMENT MADE AGAINST EVOLUTION NEEDS TO BE WELL-RESEARCHED, PEER-REVIEWED AND PUBLISHED! Op-ed pieces or bullshit like Coulter’s book do not qualify. Do the science or shut the fuck up.

These idiots SO want to believe that God waved a magic wand that they will reject the hundreds of thousands of papers written by PhD’s over the last century that clearly and thoroughly support evolution.

Disclaimer: I am not calling religious people idiots. I am calling creationists idiots and I’m calling people colossal idiots that think that a century of good science is a war against God by a bunch of godless liberals. This debate has nothing to do with God. It’s a debate about science. If you have an alternative scientific theory, publish it. These weak, redundant and unsupported jabs at evolution are desperately lame.

Fact vs. Faith

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