I despise negativity. I like to be realistic and pragmatic and all that stuff, but having a positive attitude is something that is absolutely required, IMHO.

You guys get me when I am pissed off, a lot of the times. That tends to get me inspired to write. I am really not a pissy person at all. Although who among us is not grumpy sometimes?

When it comes to work and family and friendship and all of that, positivity is the only way to go.

It seems in the blogsphere that people tend to be extremely hard on each other (me included, of course). It can be emotionally taxing when people beat on you and the overall harshness of the debate can be a bit much at times. Lord knows I can dish it out and, for the most part, I think, take it. Text, even with liberally sprinkled smilies, just can’t communicate good natured ribbing very well. Attempts to be polite (as I learned) can be taken as condescension. All in all it seems sometimes that all of our guns have hair triggers, ready to rip new assholes.

No real point here. I do try to be positive and conciliatory on my blog at times, but mostly I write when I get annoyed. So that is a selection effect.


One thought on “Negativity

  1. micadelic says:

    i’ve been thinking the same thing myself. sometimes i feel myself getting so angry and I wonder what is the best way for me to disperse my anger, that’s what i think i need to do, disperse it. kind of like shooting a shotgun into a barrel of water. i don’t want to go into the particulars but every day, something pisses me off and i wonder what to do with it. i find that most of the things that piss me off are people being insensitive to other people. what i call the “i’m the only person in the world” syndrome. it manifests itself in so many ways.

    i’m so insanely happy. i am more fortunate than 99.999% of the population of the world, what have i to be pissed of about? sometimes i wonder if it’s just a predilection of the male gender of the human species to be pissed off.

    anyway, it made me think of one question to ask our dear friend lolife…

    if you ruled the world, what would you do tomorrow?

    if i ruled the world, i would want the ability to literally switch two people around. put one person in the other’s shoes. for example, i would put george bush in cindy sheehan’s shoes (and vice versa), or i would put nancy pelosi in the shoes of a woman who’s husband was abducted and killed by saddam hussein’s republican guard, or i would put a suicide bomber in the shoes of a musician or poet who understands the absolute beauty of being.

    i’m such a dork


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