Rocketboom fizzles

Rocketboom loses its famous face

I find this amusing. Rocketboom is big. They are on the cusp. They are like a band that just got a huge record deal and then breaks up before they make the record. It is dumb and dumber in vlogdom.

This relates to the overall odd thing about the blogsphere: most people do not have a business attitude when they start these endeavors. They just sort of fall into it. Being a partner in a business is hard. It takes more loyalty than a marriage. It takes a stubborn commitment to each other. It takes a lot of trust, too. It also takes money and a realistic view of how to sustain and grow the business.

I’m sure Amanda and Andrew will do fine. But it just illustrates the dangers of starting a business without thinking about it as a business. As the stakes go up, the cracks begin to show.

Rocketboom fizzles

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