I'm a Liberal, Too

I don’t shrink from the word “liberal” one bit. Unlike cowards like Kerry and Gore, I am proud to be a liberal and think the liberal agenda is widely misunderstood and has deep roots in the values that we share as Americans. These values include personal liberty, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to congregate and many, many more. Democracy is the child of liberal values. America, the country, attained our independence because of an amazing group of individuals who were not willing to accept the status quo. Liberals (not Democrats, necessarily) have always fought for equality and democracy, from the civil war to civil rights.

That’s why I am proud that George Clooney, unlike so many Hollywood cowards, has come out. In his article I Am a Liberal. There, I Said It! Clooney states the obvious that has somehow remained hidden in the last 6 years of the Republican police state. Dissent is patriotic. The Right Wing should be ashamed of themselves for constantly characterizing liberals as traitors. How is it that a party that claims they want less government can actively lobby against civil liberties? They actively lobby to put the police in your bedroom?

Republicans are just liberals who haven’t seen the light yet.

I'm a Liberal, Too

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