I am conflicted. I am against the death penalty. I don’t believe it is an effective deterrent, I don’t believe the state should be in the business of killing its citizens, I believe that prison is a harsh sentence in itself, I believe that some criminals can in some small way make amends for their past crimes, I believe that the risk of executing innocent people is very real and I believe that the penal system must leave open the possibility of reform.

But I am happy that this fucking scumbag is going to die. I think it would be more just, though, if we gave this poor girl’s father a baseball bat and let him beat this fucking scumbag to death. That would be justice. A humane death is too good for this fucking scumbag.

I have not one ounce of mercy for people who hurt children. The fact that this fucking scumbag dares to plead for leniency because he has a family is utterly contemptible — somehow he was willing to harm someone else’s family in the most cruel and wicked way.

This fucking scumbag dying won’t really make anything better. But I have a hard time granting mercy to those who so cruelly denied it to others. Justice would be the baseball bat.


One thought on “Conflicted

  1. I could not agree more. I struggle so much with this one. Primarily because, as you suggested, the justice system is fatally flawed. But when a case is cut and dry like this, and the crime is so friggin evil, well, its hard.


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