iPhone launch videos

Finally, here is video of the 3 launches of my iPhone. The first one is the failed launch due to a motor failure. The 2nd is the one where I got all the data that I’ve posted. The 3rd one I got almost no data but the motor performed better as the flight seemed much more normal.

Sorry Elton! Don’t sue me, but I couldn’t think of a more appropriate song.

iPhone launch videos

3 thoughts on “iPhone launch videos

  1. biw314 says:

    I am a physics and astronomy teacher and I’ve been thinking about creating an app that would take these kinds of measurements on amusement park rides. Could have a peak at your code?



  2. I set the accelerometer loop to 0.05 seconds for the last flight and I think it just overwhelmed the system. Right after launch there is nothing, so I think once the GPS and accelerometer started to compete, everyone lost.

    The accelerometer still works fine. I was told that it is set to +/- 2.3g so that what I saw was expected. According to the GPS data the liftoff was at 3g or so.


  3. grid says:

    Have you figured out why you don’t have any data for the last launch yet? Does the accelerometer still seem to work? (I wonder if high gs might have long term damaging effects.)


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