TRA #012058

I joined the Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA). This allows me to get certified to buy and fly bigger and bigger rocket motors. If the weather cooperates I hope to do my Cert 1 flight this Saturday in North Branch, MN. I’ll fly one or both of my 29mm-motor-capable rockets, first on a “G” reload kit to make sure I know what I’m doing and then on an “H” reload, which I have to buy at the launch site. If everything works perfectly on my launch they sign my paperwork and I can buy “H” and “I” motors, which gets me up to 640 N-s of thrust. Currently I’ve only ever flown motors with about 80 N-s of thrust.

I don’t know if I will, but if I go all the way and get the Level 3 Certification I can buy motors with 14000 N-s of thrust!

People tend to fly bigger and bigger rockets on the bigger motors. This is obvious, in a sense, because these rockets can’t be flown on smaller motors. For me, though, once my rockets are big enough to fly interesting payloads, such as iPhones and digital video cameras, I’ll be more interested in speed and altitude than bigger rockets. I don’t have the budget or the engineering skill to make really big rockets. I do have the technical chops to do some cool stuff with payloads though.

This is fun!

TRA #012058

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