Operation: Desperation begins

I really can’t add much to this article at the Minnesota Monitor: Rightwing blogs decry Obama’s meeting with imam Bush kissed except to try to point attention to it.

I have a challenge for conservatives and middle of the road Republicans — give Obama a chance. Just give the man a chance. John “Bush 3.0” McCain represents nothing more than a minor tweaking to Bush’s policies on Iraq and the economy. When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. I know the far right could never vote for Obama but many of you that voted for Bush and were disappointed owe it to yourselves to listen to Obama and give him a chance to earn your support. I don’t agree with Obama on every issue. It’s not required that you agree with a candidate on every issue. Separate the person from the political party and give each candidate a fair shot at your support.

I respect John McCain. I really hope he doesn’t give me reason to withdraw that respect during this campaign. I agree with McCain to some extent on several issues, I respectfully disagree on some issues and I think he is dead wrong on some issues. I will listen to him during this campaign and I hope he surprises me. The Dept. of Opinion Manipulation in the Republican party is going to try to make him say all sorts of stuff*. I hope he doesn’t say it.

* I was dismayed that McCain went to the NRA with same old tired and incorrect bullshit about how Democrats want to take your guns away. I think Obama should go talk to the NRA and say “how long are you gonna let Republicans buy your vote by uttering the one sentence they know you want them to say? It’s fucking naive to think that any single issue is more important than the management of the United States of America as a whole. Your interests are much broader and more vital than the single issue of gun legislation. No one is trying to take away the guns of law-abiding citizens. Relax and let’s move on to the important stuff.”

Operation: Desperation begins

16 thoughts on “Operation: Desperation begins

  1. mnphenow says:

    “Bush is worthless and a failure.”

    That depends on which goals he was trying to achieve. There are a few people in the world who are quite happy with his performance. To the rest of us in the world, he’s nothing less than a traitor and a global criminal.

    “What I like about McCain is how he differs from Bush. McCain is a much better candidate and would be a much better President than Bush. My worry with him is the ways he is similar to Bush.”

    I think you’re wrong about McCain. I think he is completely capable (and indeed aspires to be) as destructive as George Bush. If you were to compare George Bush’s campaign rhetoric in the year 2000 to John McCain’s in the year 2008, I think you would find yourself much more sympathetic to Bush. He ran on a foreign policy of non-intervention, no nation-building, no policing the world. McCain, even at this stage of empty promises, is talking about staying in Iraq for 100 years.

    “No, the threat from Islamic terrorists is nowhere near the threat of Hitler. That should be obvious to you. How many countries have they occupied? How many millions have they killed?

    C’mon, dude, you still believe the lie about Islamic terrorists. They are a reaction against horrible US foreign policy in the Middle East. Period. It doesn’t justify their attacks, but it’s still the truth.”

    On this you could not be more correct. They attack us because we’re over there, funding all sides of their civil wars, overthrowing their elected leaders, and occupying their sovereign countries. You’d better believe I’d figure out how to make a roadside bomb if China was building a base the size of the Vatican in Saint Cloud, patrolling Hennepin Avenue, killing civilians, and installing a puppet government.


  2. Hey, man, you’ve earned it. Scroll back and point out one conciliatory thing you’ve said about Obama or the left. I’ve been trying to be fair towards McCain and you continue to be a dick about Obama.

    This is not a cult of personality, it’s relief that we finally have someone who is ridiculously intelligent with a fresh perspective. Versus John McCain, who is another rich, white skeleton with Bush-like policies.

    You aren’t judging Obama the person, you have already made up your mind. Perhaps you should read my post that follows this one.


  3. Here’s something you should read from a lefty source that also reflects my feelings on Obama. The devotion you and others have for him seems almost cultish to me. It’s so fawning and defensive. Obama is playing white liberals like a fiddle.

    The following is from The Progressive:

    Obama No

    Sorry for all the posts. I’ve been waiting for you to “open the door” on an Obama discussion.


  4. I will say this, it is possible that a black president might do a lot to move race relations forward in this country. I just wish it was a more conservative black president such as Colin Powell (even if he came out as a Dem). I just see BO as too commited to the KOS/DU/Nutroot type wing of the Dem party.

    I entertain the notion that your side may be correct on many thinks Mr. K, you seem to be too arrogant to afford my views the same benefit. I’m just “wrong” and a “fucker.”


  5. They’ve killed plenty so far, how many exactly I can’t say but 100’s of thousands if not millions have been killed in the name of Islam.

    Please show me where I said Obama was pure evil or anything of the like. No, I cannot find any policies of Obama’s that I agree with but I’m sure we both agree that the sick should be cared for, the poor should be fed, and gas should not cost $4.00 a gallon. I believe his intentions are all good, I just don’t agree with the way he would go about accomplishing these ends. See Michael, you are ascribing to me this “hatred” which I do not feel. I don’t hate Obama, I just don;t agree with him. In fact, I bet I would actually enjoy a conversation with him. He reminds me of many of my friends, most of whom are liberal. I don’t agree with their politics either but I like them as people. It’s much easier to try and vilify me then to actually refute anything I’ve said other than to just say it isn’t so cuz you say it isn’t so.

    For example, just because you say that the threat of Islamic extremism is a “lie” does not make it so. We have a difference of opinion on the matter but you are so righteous that you can only characterize my difference of opinion as a belief in a lie.

    A little self-awareness might do you good buddy.


  6. Bush is worthless and a failure.

    What I like about McCain is how he differs from Bush. McCain is a much better candidate and would be a much better President than Bush. My worry with him is the ways he is similar to Bush.

    You see, though, I can be honest about John McCain. I can say he is something less than pure evil. You can’t do the reverse. You can’t bring yourself to admire Obama in the slightest. I can bring myself to admire McCain. That is why you are so full of shit.

    No, the threat from Islamic terrorists is nowhere near the threat of Hitler. That should be obvious to you. How many countries have they occupied? How many millions have they killed?

    C’mon, dude, you still believe the lie about Islamic terrorists. They are a reaction against horrible US foreign policy in the Middle East. Period. It doesn’t justify their attacks, but it’s still the truth.


  7. I find it sad, apparently, that you can’t find a good word about Bush. You are so stuck and invested in your perspective I don’t See how you can possibly criticize me.

    We are not staying the course in Iraq. We have totally changed the way we are prosecuting this war. We dumped Rumsfeld and totally changed course in Iraq and you are too disingenuous to admit it. It doesn’t fit your talking point that McCain is the 3rd term of Bush. Very clever but so not true. McCain is NOTHING like Bush. He was against the way the war was being prosecuted, he even opposed Bush’s freaking economic policies (tax cuts). You are too partisan and too dishonest to admit it. Gee, you say you “admire” McCain, that’s really weird for someone who would be the 3rd term of Bush. I guess GWB is not so bad after all.

    And are 4000 lives worth it? Tell me, was 1,078,162 lives worth it to defeat Nazi-ism and fascism? Because this threat is equal, or greater than that. See, this is where we differ, you don’t believe the threat is as great as that because if you did, there is no way you could say that 4,000 lives and trillions of dollars in NOT worth it. The loss of 1 life is tragic but some things are worth fighting and dying for. I would fight and die for this cause.

    So please, dude, you try imagining another point of view for a change. This is an enemy we need to defeat know and what we are doing in Iraq is a huge, positive step in that direction. Pulling out, giving up, and handing them a victory from the jaws of their certain defeat would be the worst strategic blunder in the history of warfare.

    Oh yeah, Obama… he looks great in a bathing suit.


  8. Stay the course? Really? Good thing a majority of Americans disagree with you. Progress is always right around the corner with you rose-colored Republicans.

    I find it sad that you can’t, apparently, say a good word about Obama. That you can’t imagine a world where a fresh perspective has benefits. That you still believe that our foreign policy in the Middle East over the last 8 years has been anything other than a complete disaster. And that you would vote for a man that would continue that disaster.

    What we bought with thousands of American lives and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis lives and 3 trillion dollars WAS NOT WORTH IT. And you guys are still scrambling to make it seem not so bad. It’s bad, dude, it’s been bad the whole time and minor progress does not in any way justify it.


  9. Maybe I will vote for Mr. McCain, here are his thoughts today on Obama which echo my own…

    Senator Obama has consistently offered his judgment on Iraq, and he has been consistently wrong. He said that General Petraeus’ new strategy would not reduce sectarian violence, but would worsen it. He was wrong. He said the dynamics in Iraq would not change as a result of the ‘surge.’ He was wrong. One year ago, he voted to cut off all funds for our forces fighting extremists in Iraq. He was wrong. Sectarian violence has been dramatically reduced, Sunnis in Anbar province and throughout Iraq are cooperating in fighting al Qaeda in Iraq, and Shi’ite extremist militias no longer control Basra — the Maliki government and its forces do. British and Iraqi forces now move freely in areas that were controlled by Iranian-backed militias. The fight against al Qaeda in Mosul is succeeding in further weakening that deadly terrorist group, and many key leaders have been killed or captured. .. Iraqi forces have moved unopposed into Sadr City, a development the New York Times characterized today as a ‘dramatic turnaround’ as the government of Prime Minister Maliki ‘advanced its goal of establishing sovereignty and curtailing the powers of the militias.’

    We continue to face challenges in Iraq, and we have a lot of work ahead. Yet the American people must ask whether we are more or less likely to succeed there if Senator Obama has his way. Each of these positive developments in Iraq is the direct result of the new strategy that Senator Obama opposed. Senator Obama consistently predicted the new strategy would fail, and at every step events have demonstrated his judgment was consistently wrong. He now says that he intends to withdraw combat troops from Iraq — one to two brigades per month until they are all removed — regardless of the conditions in Iraq, irrespective of the consequences for our national security, and despite the best advice of our commanders on the ground. He is wrong again, and the American people deserve a President who has the strength, judgment and experience to keep our country safe and secure.



  10. Also, I don’t want to let this pass…
    The recipient of my last vote not incompetent in the least. In fact I think he has been very successful in his aims despite a bad start following the Rumsfeld plan. I think GWN will go down as a great or nearly great president when all is said and done so I don’t accept your premise at all that the last 7 years have “not worked out.” Far, far from it. In fact, please read this article and before you poo-poo the source, please follow the background information supplied and you’ll find it to be legit:

    The Jihadists Admit Defeat in Iraq

    I think Bush has sucked at communicating and this has been further exacerbated by a hostile press and a near treasonous Democrat leadership and CIA.

    Obama would (or at least has promised to) immediately begin withdrawing troops NO MATTER WHAT the situation is on the ground. This would result in a bloodbath that would make the killing fields of Cambodia look like an ice cream social in my cul de sac. Yeah, maybe we “broke it” so we gotta fix it but sometime you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet. The end result of our inevitable victory over the Jihadist will be a more stable Middle East and a safer homeland. We have not been attacked since 9/11 and you can thank GWB for that every time you tuck your kid in at night.

    But of course you will not, because you have had your fill of your flavor of Kool Aid yourself, haven’t you?


  11. Ya know, I was just trying to interject a little humor and all of a sudden i’m one of “you fuckers,” nice. FYI – I have voted for exactly 1 Republican for president in my lifetime (Bush 2004). I could, and have voted for many folks with a D by their name. Sorry though, not the Obamessiah, total cult of personality if you ask me. I probably won’t vote for McCain either as I’m hoping for a good 3rd party option.


  12. leep says:

    you know micadelic, I share your concerns about Obama’s foreign policy experience. Despite that, I think maybe we need a fresh perspective. In all seriousness he can’t be any worse than Bush. As to Mcain…do you remember his “bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran” singing? talk about a diplomatic blunder…that falls far outside the lines of any credible diplomatic behavior. Maybe he was joking, but as a potential president his words were ill chosen and dangerous. Obama will, in all likelyhood have good advisors and a good secretary of state, so I think he’s worth a shot. I think Mcain could be another/continued disaster. Iran is the single biggest problem facing us in the coming years, and diplomacy is the only solution.


  13. Yeah, it doesn’t matter how incompetent the last recipient of your vote was, does it? Did Bush have better qualifications than Obama? If so, how did that work out?

    It’s the same old sad story. You fuckers are so close minded you can’t even consider voting for someone with a D by their name. He’s smart, he’s accomplished, he has good judgment, he’s run a great campaign and he is more qualified that 99.9% of the people in this country. If he was a Republican he’d have your support but he’s not so he doesn’t.


    Just once I would like to see a wildly popular American President. It’s never going to happen because people like you will never support anyone who hasn’t drunk the right-wing kool-aid. We can’t judge people as people anymore.


  14. Yes, too inexperienced. His resume gives him excellent credentials to be a top attorney for the ACLU or something but not the leaderr of the free world. Notice absolutely no experience in foreign policy, economics, etc.

    And in case it was lost on you, my little campaign was a joke.

    Hmmm, maybe the Obamessiah and I do have something in common.


  15. Way to descend right into the snake pit, Micadelic.

    Too inexperienced?

    He went on to earn his law degree from Harvard in 1991, where he became the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review. Soon after, he returned to Chicago to practice as a civil rights lawyer and teach constitutional law. Finally, his advocacy work led him to run for the Illinois State Senate, where he served for eight years. In 2004, he became the third African American since Reconstruction to be elected to the U.S. Senate.

    Why do you suddenly believe that only career politicians are capable of being great leaders? As I recall YOU were running for president. Does your track record look like that?


  16. Whenever I think about Obama being POTUS, a little pee comes out.

    Too far left, too inexperienced, and he and Michelle should be grand marshalls of the “Blame America First” parade. I’d vote for Hillary way before I’d cast a vote for the Obamessiah.


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