Ralph Nader

First of all, I think Ralph Nader is right about just about everything. I agree with his politics and viewpoints. I think that the stranglehold that corporations have on our government is decidedly anti-American. I’m a capitalist and I enjoy free markets. But our government should not be for sale. That should be obvious.

I also think Ralph Nader should not worry about harming the Democrats. We need more choice in politics, not less.

My bitch with Nader is that he seems oblivious to political strategy. By that I mean, in the 11th hour when it is clear that he has no chance in hell of being elected, he should move his support to a candidate that can win. Idealism is a great thing but effective idealists need to be pragmatists as well. In 2000, the day before the election, Nader should have dropped out and asked his supporters to vote for Gore. His idealism got us further from his objectives, not closer. You are not being very smart if you undermine your own goals because of your idealism.

So Nader, yes, please run for President. Shake things up, get your agenda across and get a real liberal agenda on the agenda. But when the 11th hour comes, be practical.

Ralph Nader

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