Goodbye Molnau

Goodbye Molnau. We are looking forward to throwing your boss out at the end of his term, too. Good riddance. As I’ve written about in the past, I absolutely noticed a deterioration in MNDot long before I ever heard the word “Molnau”. Add the bridge collapse, the shady business deals (she sold her farm to a developer for 6 times its market value 8 days after pushing through a bill that expanded Highway 212 to better service that area) and a damning legislative auditor’s report, this is an obvious step to take.

The Righties will argue that it is a witch hunt and all of that. They will protect their guy. But the fact is, if you believe in accountability and responsibility then the person at the top of the chain gets axed when things go shitty. Now it looks like Pawlenty’s failure of leadership (“new new taxes”) has led to a large looming budget shortfall. Luckily, thanks to some reasonable Republicans, his veto of the transportation bill was overrode.

I really wish Amy Klobachar had run for governor instead of senator. She’s a great senator but she would have been a great governor as well. We need some smart, experienced person who puts real executive leadership in front of a partisan ideology.

Goodbye Molnau

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