Me and Prince

So, as some of you know, I worked for Prince as a recording engineer with a little producing, writing and playing thrown in here and there. (As a side note, because I played bass on one Prince song I am sometimes described as having been Prince’s bass player. I played bass on one and only one song (Blue Light) so I was not Prince’s bass player.)

I told some stories about my Prince days in a couple of podcasts. I’ve also written a little about it on the Internet and have been quoted in the press on several occasions about Prince.

I want to say two things in regards to this.

One, I haven’t always painted an entirely flattering picture of Prince. I have my reasons, which I am probably too honest about, and I call ’em like I see ’em. But, two, I have always acknowledged how unbelievably talented I think he is musically. I enjoyed working for him, although it was demanding as hell, I think we did some good work together and I look back with a lot of pride on my days as “Prince’s engineer”.

I think 3121 is quite good, too. Just the kind of thing I’ve been longing to hear from Prince.

One of the best things I worked on during that period was a collaboration between myself, Ingrid Chavez and Prince on Ingrid’s album May 19th, 1992. It’s a great record and it’s too bad it didn’t reach more folks.

I discovered some old Prince bootlegs from the days when I worked with him. If Prince was cool he’d let me release them into the Internet wilds. But seeing I have in my life been the recipient of one scary lawyer letter from Prince, I probably won’t push my luck.

Me and Prince

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