4 thoughts on “The right wing smear machine

  1. Have you stopped beating your wife yet?

    That is the sort of question you are asking me. Neither Krugman nor myself is lying. We are calling them like we see them, just like you and Malkin. You both go on and on about how undeserving this kid is of government assistance. You draw this arbitrary line that Bush expanding the program is noble but Democrats expanding it is socialized medicine.

    Plus you have ignored the point I have made over and over that this kid has nothing to do with the actual debate. It is hard enough to get Left and Right to agree. When they DO agree, the last thing we need it an impotent and incompetent President to veto it.

    SCHIP is considered a successful and well-run government program. How dare we expand it! We might accidentally help someone like you or me. What a tragedy.


  2. micadelic says:

    Check your facts Michael. Bush wants to expand the program, he doesn’t want to yank health care away from poor kids. He just doesn’t want to expand it to the ridiculous levels that the Dems want to expand it.

    Plus, you still fail to address the question I ask over and over… If you have a point, why do you have to lie to make it? If Krugman is such a fucking well spoken genius, why does he have to lie and obfuscate to make his case?

    You rarely, if ever, address my specific points. You just gloss over or ignore, hmmm, wonder why.


  3. It just amazes me that you can call Krugman a hack and then quote Malkin. You are high on drugs. Krugman is an economist and he became a spokesperson for liberals because he was astounded at the amount of factual information the Right was lying about, constantly, when it came to economics (specifically the privatization of social security). He’s smart, honest and well-spoken. You don’t agree with him and in your warped world view that means he is a lying hack.

    Malkin, on the other hand, is a shrill, attention-seeking crackpot like Coulter. There are some voices on the Right I respect. She ain’t one of them.

    My point is, was and has been all along that whether or not this family needed the help or not, the program is working, everyone agrees it is working and you, Malkin and George Fucking Bush are so concerned about “socialism” that you’ll yank health care away from poor kids to prove it.

    Your previous point that we can’t trust anyone in the Congress because they are up for reelection but we can trust Bush ’cause he is not IS FUCKING INSANE. Bush sucks at everything. He veto is a sure sign we should do it. I don’t trust his judgment in the slightest.


  4. micadelic says:

    The left wing smear machine

    Malkin exposes the Left for the bunch of lying bandwagoneers that they are.
    Key points if you don’t want to read a dissenting opinion.

    Um, Krugman is a lying liberal hack
    The $1200/mo figure is a quote Bonnie Frost got AFTER the accident. A cursory checking on health insurance rates show that a healthy family of 6 can get coverage for about $425.00/mo. I did a little checking and it would be even less than that to just insure the kids. (Again… if you have a fucking point, why do you have to lie to make it???)
    They drive 3 really nice vehicles, a nice new volvo SUV, a Suburban, and an F250 Ford Pickup. Don’t think they got those on a “scholarship.”
    If they bought a house for $55,000.00 in 1990, they’ve got a pretty substantial net worth if their house in now worth over $400,000.00
    Michelle Malkin, and no other right-wing blogger that I know of ever “slimed” the poor kid. We question the wisdom of the Dems using this particular family as the example of who should get government subsidized insurance. No matter what dumb-ass parents do, kids in this situation should get the help they need. That does not translate too all families in the Frosts financial position receiving government insurance.
    The disgusting filth leveled directly at a 9 year old boy who lobbied on behalf of Republicans for Social Security reform. In otehr words, you hardly have the moral high ground as it relates to “sliming.”


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