Justifiable Outrage

If you assume my premises are true in the previous post, then my outrage is justified. I’m not calling Bush names to vent, I’m trying to accurately describe him. He is a coward because he is more interested in looking good than being a good leader. He is an idiot in that he makes illogical statements and decisions. His comprehension of the dynamics of the situations is flawed. This has resulted in the loss of time, lives and money.

We have a political opportunist at the helm and he sucks at his job and the Right is too loyal to their side to admit. That is changing. Righties are coming out and saying that this administration is and has been incompetent. I want this trend to continue not for political gain but for the sake of the country. This incompetence is obvious and if the Right can’t admit it because they are more interested in their side “winning”, we have a hard long slog ahead of us.

Yes, I could be more effective at convincing Righties. Maybe I’ll try that in the next post.

Justifiable Outrage

4 thoughts on “Justifiable Outrage

  1. micadelic says:

    It wasn’t me who said Michael was trying to convince & persuade, it was Michael himself (in a previous post). I am honestly trying to provide him with some constructive criticism to actually help him. I fyou take a “fuck them” attitude, you are no better than they are.


  2. omegaequals0ne says:

    i can’t really see what the big deal is re; the language michael (and chuck olsen) used to describe george bush. personally, it’s not my job (as someone whose thinking leans toward the left) to ‘convince’ anyone of anything. as far as our “president” is concerned, the thing speaks for itself. many of us are pretty fucking frustrated, even angry, after almost 8 years of this madness; not much sense listing all of the fuckups at this point. bottom line; we have a dangerously deluded ideologue in the white house whose primary concern, as michael so succinctly put it, is more about looking good (i.e., “staying the course” in iraq) than being a good, or even thoughtful, balanced, and (gasp!) imaginative leader.

    michael shermer wrote a great article in the current scientific american. it discusses how we as human beings have a tendency to believe the things we tell ourselves…

    As Bush explained in a speech delivered at Fort Bragg, N.C. on July 4, 2006: “I’m not going to allow the sacrifice of 2,527 troops who have dies in Iraq to be in vain by pulling out before the job is done.”

    this is precisely what this president, and all of those around him, have done and continue to do; deceive and self-deceive, and that’s why i am personally going to continue using words like “fuckwad” and “fucktard” to refer to george w. bush, and i could truly give a shit about convincing anyone on the right to see logic, reason and truth.

    seriously; anyone who still believes, *really* believes, that george bush is doing a great job, or even a good job as president of the united states, is so completely deluded that it’d be a waste of time to try and convince them of anything to the contrary. so fuck them.


  3. bsherwood says:

    to be honest I have been checking back very regular to see when you strive to be effective in convincing the righties….I am anxious to see if you speak their language.


  4. bsherwood says:

    he is an idiot and he is a coward. I think micadelic was protesting the term “fuckwad” and “fucktard”…

    I have been surprised that it has taken the right this long to recognize these things. I am sure that they have laid awake at night and pondered exactly how they will ride out this moron’s term and still save their seat.

    Even our “anarchist” friend mic has stepped back on his support of these un-folding events.


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