Override the veto

Chuck “The Blogumentarian” Olsen sums up beautifully why Bush is a fuckwad.

The Left has whinged about this since the beginning. We need the Right to step up and help us smack this president down.

We know exactly what he is doing: he is trying to protect his political legacy and make a partisan move by saddling the next administration with his mess. He’s a coward, an idiot and he has demonstrated that he is not capable of managing this. He is going to stall until there is a new president.

I think Congress should override this veto. We need the Right to help do that.

Override the veto

11 thoughts on “Override the veto

  1. bsherwood says:

    Gandhi and the una-bomber agree on mutual dislike for Hillary.

    Lighters up!

    Kum ba ya

    see the left and right can get along!!!

    I think if we can toss out a token right winger we have built a bridge.


  2. bsherwood says:

    So you are more tune with the una-bomber than with Gandhi? (I think those were the photo’s in our respective areas)

    to be honest I took the test twice. First time I was a Gandhi communist…second time I landed on Hillary…on the line…I like Gandhi better than hillary. I like the una-bomber better than hillary…..


  3. micadelic says:

    actually, i liked the fact that i ended up closer to anarchist than communist, that suits me. i’m really a middle-aged punk-rocker at heart!

    btw, i disagreed (not strongly) with the “owner should be able to charge whatever they want for the cancer cure” thing, so it wasn’t that.

    and the survey at the end… i definitely prefer to sleep with a democrat (and i do)!


  4. bsherwood says:

    Can’t say I disagree. and if I’m not mistaken Libertarian was just a hop skip and jump from anarchist?

    I was somewhat comforted that I was on the line…maybe it’s because I am going to Norway in the next few days??? hmmmmm

    Socialist? Webster says Socialism is a transitional state between capitalism and communism. I’m a commie?

    I was fine being a liberal, but I don’t want to be a Marxist.

    I think it was that question about the cure for cancer..I strongly disagree that the owner of the cure should be able to charge whatever they want.

    so if I agree that the poor should die because they can’t afford the cure I will move away from socialism and closer to the center….hmmmm sure, screw em!!

    there!, I’m not a socialist anymore, whew!

    sorry poor people.


  5. micadelic says:

    good luck with that. not a lot of evidence that socialism can be successful in the long term. smart, industrious people need incentives (a profit motive) to produce. i believe socialism breeds an entitlement mentality where everyone takes and no one produces. but that’s just me.


  6. bsherwood says:

    cool site mic
    I am a socialist. Actually right on the line of Liberal and Socialist. Socially liberal and fiscally liberal…


  7. micadelic says:

    My only point is that I do not think rants or diatribes “convince or persuade.” Name calling and epithets I think serve the exact opposite purpose of dividing and not uniting. I am seriously on a campaign to get people to work together and not drive wedges between each other. I am hoping that after Bush is out, we can have a more unified country. Maybe I’m naive and and idealiststic, but that is my goal.

    BTW, I did this online “politics test” and I answered the questions very honestly and it turns out that according to my views, I am actually best described as a libertarian and I’m socially liberal and fiscally conservative.

    Chck it out, it’s pretty cool!
    Politics Test


  8. bsherwood says:

    I agree with micadelic on the choice of language.

    but how about “conceptually”?

    Is the right capable of “stepping up”?

    I believe that many republicans, in their ‘heart of hearts’, are shaking their heads and wondering how they can handle the mess. How many remain silent because of party affiliation?

    I agree with lolife, and understand his language.
    I agree with micadelic about using the word fuckwad or fucktard….I mean, I agree that he is one, but it is not very persuasive.

    maybe micadelic needs to answer this?

    of the three of us, you are the most conservative (IMHO)

    Where do conservatives, such as yourself, currently stand?. So much has occured in the past few months that has to have impact. Either in solidifying a stance or changing a stance?


  9. micadelic says:

    I hate to say it guys but you are wasting your time. I won’t even comment on whether or not I think you have a point, but the way you present it is a total turnoff to the people you really need to persuade. Maybe you don’t give a shit but I’m telling you the flat truth.

    Michael, you say you want to convince, to persuade, if this is true, you will never accomplish that goal by calling people fuckwads, cowards, or idiots. You might get a bunch of slaps on the back and “right ons” from your left wing buddies but all you actually accomplish is preaching to the choir and further alienating the folks you most wish to convince. Maybe you don’t think this is true or maybe you don’t care, but as I said, this type of post doesn’t convince or persuade anyone.


  10. bsherwood says:

    It is time for the Right to step up. I agree conceptually to the “post”.
    I also agree that putting a time table on the war is a bad idea…so I am torn on this particular bill.

    Politically the left can’t win anything but dissdain over this bill. The right would really need to cross the aisle

    There is ample proof that Bush is not competant. There has been from day one.


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