Catholics Harming People Again

This time courtesy of the New York Archdiocese of the Catholic Church:

Our political leaders fail to protect the moral tone of our community when they encourage inappropriate sexual activity by blanketing our neighborhoods with condoms,” Edward Cardinal Egan of the New York Archdiocese and Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio of the Brooklyn Diocese said in a joint statement released late yesterday. “Although in their statements they give nod to the truth that only abstinence before marriage and fidelity within marriage are failsafe, by their actions they ignore that truth and degrade societal standards.”

Giving people access to birth control does not make them have sex. Telling people to wait until marriage does not stop them from having sex. These people are naive and they do not have their priorities straight. If you have love and compassion for your fellow human beings you should be more concerned with keeping them alive and less concerned about whether you agree with every choice they make.

Oh, and PS, shove your moral tone up your ass. I don’t worship your God or believe in your silly little book and I am sick to death of you trying to ram your ridiculous “morality” down the throats of our civic institutions.

Catholics Harming People Again

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