Cancer, HPV and Texas continued

(Since I moved my blog to a new server I’M having trouble commenting. Apparently you guys aren’t, which is good. So I’m posting my comment to your comments as a comment!)

First of all, parents can opt-out of the vaccination. It is not being forced on people, per se. Second, as I understand it, the vaccine is 100% effective. As I understand it, the science results are in, have been checked and confirmed and this vaccine is a miracle drug.

So you can look at this in a few different ways. The governor was essentially bypassing a legislature that would never in a million years do this. I’m sure the Right is going nuts over this down there. In that sense, it was a brave thing to do because I do believe it is the right thing to do. Let people opt out, but make this vaccine available to everyone.

Drug companies are a big worry. The big-dollar marketing of drugs is worrisome. The stranglehold they have on our government is worrisome. I mean, we passed a law that said we, the people, can’t collectively bargain with the drug companies. What the fuck? I seriously don’t know how those guys kept their jobs after voting for a law that prohibits the US government from getting volume discounts.

So the relationship between Merck and the governor is relevant. Clearly Merck wants to sell this drug and they just made a huge sale thanks to the governor. But its a good drug, hopefully the first of a lot of good drugs, that helps fight against the deadliest disease, cancer. I think we have to see this as a good thing.

Cancer, HPV and Texas continued

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