Surprise, Surprise! RIAA Fires Back at Apple over DRM

Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs challenged major record labels to strip copying restrictions from music sold online, but the RIAA fired back Wednesday, suggesting the company should open up its anti-piracy technology to rivals instead.

This is hilarious. Some dumb “analyst” says:

“All these music services wouldn’t work without DRM,” said David Card, music and media analyst for Jupiter Research. “(Music labels) are very nervous about distributing content that is unprotected.

Ummm…perhaps you should have actually read Jobs’s article? In it he says:

In 2006, under 2 billion DRM-protected songs were sold worldwide by online stores, while over 20 billion songs were sold completely DRM-free and unprotected on CDs by the music companies themselves.

Major labels are selling most of their music unprotected. It is trivial to rip and share this music. Steve Jobs is apparently the only one looking at this issue logically. The rest are dinosaurs sinking in the tar pits.

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Surprise, Surprise! RIAA Fires Back at Apple over DRM

One thought on “Surprise, Surprise! RIAA Fires Back at Apple over DRM

  1. chad says:

    The music industry is crazy. Have you seen what the NMPA (National Music Publisher Association) and MPA (Music Publishers Association) have done lately? They’ve shut down the best tab sites on the internet such as and They did this because–and I am quoting from the lawyers letter–“it is our intent to ensure that composers and songwriters will continue to have incentive to create new music for generations to come.”

    That’s the logic of the music industry: someone spending hours of their time looking at numbers on lines, so that they can learn how to play songs, is ruining the future of music by–learning how to play songs.


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