McCain's Logic

In regards to the non-binding resolution opposing a US troop increase in Iraq, McCain says something to the effect of a vote for this is a vote of no confidence in our troops.

This is the same ol’ warmed over Republican BS that to be critical or opposed to the actions of the administration is to be critical or opposed to the troops on the ground. It is saying that any conflict started for any reason by any administration must be supported 100% by every Senator 100% of the time.

Bullshit! We are a representative government and 70% of Americans oppose an increase of troops in Iraq. Our elected congressional representatives know this and they have a duty to try to get this voice heard.

Bush said they were in “listening mode” and their decision was to completely ignore the Iraq Study Group, completely ignore the sentiment of the populace and completely ignore the congress.

Now I personally don’t think a troop surge is the worst idea in the world if we had clear, obtainable goals and a really good plan to achieve them. This plan is too little too late.

So point 1: McCain should make his case without resorting to this incorrect notion that anything but supporting Bush hurts our troops.

Point 2: Bush has not proven that we are getting closer to achieving our goals in Iraq and it is prudent and sensible for the Congress to use whatever power it has to effect the decisions being made.

McCain's Logic

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