The War on Christmas

First of all, let me say that I think everyone can and should celebrate their holidays however they want. Go nuts.

Second, to me, Christmas is a secular holiday. Rudolf, Santa, Christmas trees and Christmas lights, presents — all of it is fun stuff for children and adults alike and it has largely nothing to do with Christ. Even when I was a devote Christian (ok, maybe “devote” is a bit of an over-statement) I did not really associate Christmas with Christ. Even then I saw it as a bunch of mythology. Humans have celebrated the return of the sun for millennia. Traditions where you get together with family are fun whatever the reason.

Like I said, if Christmas is some big, profound religious holiday for you, fine, great, whatever. For most of us, it’s not. It’s secular.

I don’t believe in Christ, but I take no offense if people say Merry Christmas or have Christmas trees or any of that crap. I think most non-Christians have no problem with any of that. So the so-called war on christmas is a non-issue, in my opinion.

In fact, I think the secularization of Christmas is a good thing. Who says you can’t put little colored lights on your house if you are a pagan, a Jew or an atheist? In fact, I have a Christmas tree and little colors lights on my house this year because my son thinks they are pretty.

So Christians, go nuts. Merry Christmas us until you are blue in the face. The rest of us, enjoy yourself in whatever manner you choose. To me, it’s all about the pretty little colors lights.

The War on Christmas

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