Secular Values

You don’t have to be Christian to acknowledge that the Bible is the source of America’s values…America derives its laws from its Constitution. It derives its values from the Bible.

That’s our retarded friend Dennis Prager again.

This is completely false. For some reason, Christians and Jews like to believe that is the case. It’s not. The Bible is full of all sorts of stuff, some of which is the antithesis of American values. Some of it is in accordance with American values. You can basically get the Bible to agree with anything you want if you look hard enough.

I agree that historically speaking, our founders were theists. I also believe that they could foresee the troubles that were unavoidable if the government they formed was denominational.

America is made up of Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindu, atheists and lots of other ideological bents. It is not helpful nor correct to claim that Christians and Jews embody the moral basis for America.

We live in a secular country. This was a brilliant idea by our founders. We shouldn’t let guys like Pranger trick us into thinking otherwise. I am a moral person and my values are shared by most Americans. I do not believe in the Bible. This is not a contradiction.

Secular Values

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