Not Too Well Thought Out

This article, Astrology – The Left’s Creationism?, has a title that says it all. Utter inane nonsense.

First of all, while the Left certainly has people who believe in astrology and creationism, they don’t want it taught in school. They have minds capable of separating civic matters from spiritual ones. I treat Christians, Jews, Muslims and astrologers in the exact same way: I tolerate them and ask that they tolerate me. I think their beliefs are ridiculous and they probably think the same of mine.

Second, those that DO defend science, such as myself and others he mentions, all completely and entirely, across the board, denounce astrology as non-scientific nonsense. No one on the side of sciences takes it easy on astrology. No one. None, zero, zip, nada, nil. Very idiotic to suggest otherwise.

Finally, I would not consider someone who believed in astrology to be any less qualified for a job than someone who believed in God. I don’t agree with either of them but I respect their personal beliefs.

Nice try. Or not.

Not Too Well Thought Out

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