Global Warming is Real

The BBC is reporting on a new report by the UK government on global warming. The image on the right illustrates the rather profound and devastating effect of global warming. This shit is real, folks! It is time for the Right Wing to pull their heads out of the sand on this issue. Bush is dangerously off-base on this issue. The whole Republican party is dangerously off-base on this issue. The economic pain associated with fixing this has to start right fucking now.

Global Warming is Real

2 thoughts on “Global Warming is Real

  1. Thanks for your comment. I’d reply with two things:

    1. These pictures are not the entirety of the evidence in support of a theory of global warming. Far from it. It is one more piece on a growing pile of evidence.

    2. It is possible and in fact probable that we would have some sensitive indicators balanced near equilibrium that may reveal the early warning signs of a long term trend in shorter time-scales. Glacial ice and permafrost may be telling us something here.

    There are complexities in this but Earth scientists agree that the evidence is growing and is nearly if not already conclusive. Common sense would also indicate that as we pump tons and tons of crap into the air 24/7/365 at an ever increasing rate (globally) that it would effect change as compared to the absence of that. It’s bloody obvious.



  2. Gym says:

    Since you are open to opinion, I have to disagree with your usings before and after pictures taken 5 years apart to prove global warming. If you are justifying it by ice coverage in Russia and Greenland, then I have proof that there is in fact Global Freezing taking place. Just look at satelite pictures of Antartica taken over the past ten years.

    We have such little intelligent information on what causes the freezing and melting of the polar regions that to take any 100 year period and say that we have global anything is pure fantasy.

    I’m not a scientist, but from the ones currently being interviewed on MPR, National Press, etc. – it sounds like there is a great debate on whether man is having any effect on what is happening on either of our ice poles.


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