Music Execs Continue Dumb Thinking

Music execs continue to show how they just don’t seem to think straight. Warner Music Group CEO Edgar Bronfman Jr. said:

“We are selling our songs through iPod, but we don’t have a share of iPod’s revenue,” he said. “We want to share in those revenue streams. We have to get out of the mindset that our content has promotional value only.”

Hello? Anyone home? Music companies deserve an exact percentage of 0% for the sale of freaking iPods and other music players. I almost never play big-label music on my iPod. This is just like when they wanted (and got, I believe) a share in all cassette sales. The presumption that cassettes or iPods are used exclusively or even mainly for duplicating big-label music is absurd. Dumbass, you sell MUSIC. People have been and will continue to be willing to pay for MUSIC. Rather than try to eat everyone else’s lunch, why don’t use idiots focus on how to sell MUSIC in the networked age? You don’t own my radio, my CD player, my phonograph or my MP3 player. Get used to it.

Music Execs Continue Dumb Thinking

2 thoughts on “Music Execs Continue Dumb Thinking

  1. Dima says:

    In Canada we are levied for blank media and the levy goes to record companies. There was a recent case involving an iPod where the government body that collects the levy wanted to levy iPods, however due to technicalities of the current legislature iPods are not viewed as blank media. However by having a levy we are allowed to copy music to blank media(CD, DVD) without infringing copyright. Technically if I own a copyrighted CD and want to copy the music to my iPod I will be infringing copyright.


  2. The greed of major record labels/companies never ceases to amaze me.

    It infuriates me to know that these people control the lifes of the artists they represent only to want to profit more from the labours of others.

    Even at 99 cents a song, it’s a huge profit center for them. They must have signed an agreement on licensing in the first place, now to try to void that for more dollars.

    Long Live Indie Music!


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