The Wrong-Wing

Just wanted to point out a comment I made on Shelly the Republican’s site. Shelly is whining about how Democrats are dividing the country by pointing out that the federal response to Katrina was an embarrassing and deadly fuckup. It’s the double-standard that bugs me — the Right “divided the country” every fucking day for 8 years under Clinton. Anyway, she finishes with some Bush ass-kissing and then with the statement: Meanwhile, this takes our eye off the real enemy–the Muslims.

My comment is:

It still just stuns me that you are willing to call ALL MUSLIMS the enemy. That is factually incorrect. There are Muslims in our armed forces helping fight this war that you believe is going so very well. As I mentioned before, are we at war with Protestants because of Timothy McVeigh? It is the actions of terrorists that make them terrorists, not their religious beliefs. Agreed?

Michael Koppelman

It is an unwinnable war, of course, if our enemy is all Muslims. It’s an unwinnable war even now, where the net number of “terrorists” is increasing every day. The real solution is a bitter pill for the Right: a foreign policy in the Mid East that is fair and rational.

Look — I have no sympathy for actual terrorists. The problem is, we are starting to define “terrorist” as those that oppose the US. That is not a valid definition. I oppose the US viewpoint on many issues. I am not a terrorist. We are allowing the right to define the enemy as anyone who opposes us and that is a foreign policy that is guaranteed to fail.

The Wrong-Wing

2 thoughts on “The Wrong-Wing

  1. I enjoyed her post in the comments:

    “We welcome liberals who challenge the thinking of this show and often have changed our position based on that exercise. However, personal attacks yield few results.”

    I imagine its hard to change the view of someone whose thinking is so skewed. We all know that lolife has tried.



  2. Dima says:

    I totally agree with you that not all muslims are terrorists. I lived in Israel and probably have more reasons to hate muslims then average Americans. But their religion is not the reason for the terrorism, believe it or not Islam historically was more peaceful then Christianity. I am not advocating any religion, I am an atheist. The problem is not with religion but with individual people who are too stupid and fall into the trap of wrong interpretations of religion. Unfortunately there are too many people who interpret Islam in the wrong way, and as Michael is saying the US policies don’t help to make it better. As to the good muslims, I have a Muslim friend, we disagree on some issues however he is a rational person and I enjoy talking to him. So I guess Shelly simply doesn’t know what she is talking about when she is saying that muslims are her enemies.

    Michael I recently started listening to your podcasts(thanks to iTunes) and I liked the ones that I listened to. 90% of the things that you are saying reflect my opinion…education, taxes, environment, drugs, war, morals, religion…If there was a politician with your views I would vote for him. So keep up the good work.



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