Evil College Professors

While this probably has no chance in hell of going anywhere, it is still funny/sad/scary that right-wingers want to censor college professors. It’s no secret — academics are overwhelmingly liberal. Big deal. Big business guys are overwhelmingly conservative. Should we muzzle them from speaking their minds? You think big business guys don’t have enormous influence over people? I’d say they have a hell of a lot more influence than a college professor.

You know what, Mom and Dad? Your kid may grow up someday and have different values than you. That’s called good parenting. Brain washing your children to believe exactly what you believe is bad parenting. Admire your kids for thinking on their own and be proud of them for their willingness to disagree with you. You have succeeded.

(Addendum — Oh no! It looks like this is closer to home than I thought! Check out this at Pharyngula.)

Evil College Professors

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