Systematic Discrimination

I’ve been thinking about what bothers me about the post below. Imagine a web site that said “Tired of black people answering your personal ad? Come to Whites-Only Singles.” We’d call that racism. Is there anything wrong with a white person wanting to date another white person? Not necessarily. Is there anything wrong with a conservative wanting to date a conservative? Not necessarily. Yet if we saw a web site like my example above we’d all probably have a problem with it. It may even be illegal. We have this notion in this country that discrimination is wrong. As a raging liberal white person, I would happily date a conservative and I’d happily date a black woman. No problem at all. Do I care if others are not so open minded? Not really. I do care when they are as blatantly offensive about it. The implicit statement is that liberals aren’t worth dating. We’ve taken our lame polarization out of politics and put it in everything now. How long until employers will only hire conservatives? How about a McDonalds that only serves Christians?

This is not a statement about conservatives or Christians, it’s a statement about people who are so close minded that they can’t even leave open the possibility of loving someone with a different political ideology. We are lame and getting lamer and apparently we are proud of it.

I’ll say it again, a Liberals-only singles site would be just as lame. A pagan-only web hosting provider would be lame. It is disrespectful, discriminatory and, I’ll say it again, lame.

Systematic Discrimination

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