Please, please oh please leave me behind

The chosen ones are finally getting more serious about separating themselves from us heathen scum. You can now make sure you never have to date a stinking liberal ever again. That not enough for you? You can also host your web site with a Christian web hosting provider! Don’t let some pagan sinner touch your HTML.

There is not a big enough shitter in the world for me to barf into.

Please, please oh please leave me behind

2 thoughts on “Please, please oh please leave me behind

  1. If you don’t invest in an arms dealer (for example) you are doing so because the business they do is against your values. Fine and good. But two web hosting companies that provide the same service are not for or against your values, they just spit out web pages.

    I personally don’t think we should dicriminate against businesses on the basis of race, color, sexual preference or religion. That’s all this is in my opinion.


  2. i don’t see how a christian webhost is any worse than the value-based investing that i do – i prefer that my money not go toward certain types of companies that i find objectionable (e.g. big oil companies, fast food companies, companies with shitty human rights records). one of the ways that we (in a democratic capitalist society) can vote every day is with our dollars. where we choose to place our capital reflects our values, whether we like it or not.

    live and let live, man. 😉


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