Intelligent Design Humor

As pointed out by Boing Boing, the the New York Times Magazine has a great article about Intelligent Design. One of the more amusing passages:

Fewer than one-third of conceptions culminate in live births. The rest end prematurely, either in early gestation or by miscarriage. Nature appears to be an avid abortionist, which ought to trouble Christians who believe in both original sin and the doctrine that a human being equipped with a soul comes into existence at conception. Souls bearing the stain of original sin, we are told, do not merit salvation. That is why, according to traditional theology, unbaptized babies have to languish in limbo for all eternity. Owing to faulty reproductive design, it would seem that the population of limbo must be at least twice that of heaven and hell combined.

As I’ve written about rather often, intelligent design isn’t science by a long shot. Scientists don’t usually have theories that include supernatural all-powerful beings. I have nothing against supernatural all-powerful beings. They are pretty cool. It falls outside of what we call science.

Intelligent Design Humor

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