The Jeff Gannon Fiasco

It is amazing to me that fucking idiots like Tim Graham can write this shit with a straight face. The issue here is not whether *real* reporters ever ask softball questions. Of course that happens all the time, or at least part of the time. The issue is this guy was a complete and utter fake, planted by the Right because their president is so fucking stupid he can’t handle real questions. We’ve all seen George W. Bush blantantly not answer questions because it wasn’t in the script that Karl gave him. The guy cannot think on his feet. Whether you like or hate Bill Clinton, the guy is very, very smart and can not only think on his feet, but be impressive as hell as a result.

While being lied to and spun until we barf is nothing new for this administration, I can’t believe that fucking idiots like Tim Graham can possible think that we will believe his bullshit.

The Jeff Gannon Fiasco

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