Blog Ads

I think it is so damn funny how many bloggers put ads on their blogs. To me this is the equivalent of putting ads on your band’s CD. Blogs are art. Why do these people litter their art with ads?

I realize some bloggers are actually trying (and some perhaps succeeding) in making a living by blogging and in those cases I guess I will concede the point. It just seems to be that every blogger with more than a few thousand hits start getting dollar signs in their eyes.

What a bunch of shameless marketers we’ve become. I can’t even find the funnies in the Sunday paper anymore because some brilliant ass decided they have to smother them in ads. I can’t listen to commercial radio because of how hideous local radio ads are. Even when I buy a DVD I get mandatory previews I have to watch. Now here in the relative integrity of the blogsphere every jackass with a blog about their cat/lover/job is hawking wares for Google.

I think we need a cease fire.

Blog Ads

One thought on “Blog Ads

  1. Some blogs are art. Most aren’t. Most band’s CDs have a record label’s name, this is advertising and branding as well.

    I’m using them as kind of an interesting experiment. Its actually kind of intriguing to track my visitors, most come from Google, and some leave my blog by clicking on a Google ad, some leave by clicking an Amazon link, most leave by clicking on a link to an article somewhere…

    Of course isn’t trying to be art, I suppose its more of an Advertorial in the truly base, whorish sense.


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