Think Global, Act Global

This would be funny: Jesus: Wrong for America if it weren’t so true. By that, I mean, if Jesus was running against George Bush, this is exactly what we would get from his campaign. These guys will twist anything Kerry says to make it sound bad for America. Example, from the last debate, Bush is trying to say that thinking global is bad for America. How the fuck can international cooperation or institutions with that as their goal be bad? Yes, the UN is not perfect, but to listen to the neo-cons you’d think the UN is the enemy. Do you really think that France and Germany are our enemies? Hell no. If we don’t think global we will never have peace. Our actions effect the world and the world effects us. It is naive to think otherwise, yet that’s what Bush would have us think.

Jesus wrong for America? Hardly. Bush wrong for American? It’s a proven fact.

Think Global, Act Global

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