Kerry 1, Bush 0

As much as the Republican/Rove machine wants to spin it otherwise, Bush looked like a fucking idiot in the first debate. He slurred his words, looked like a deer in the headlights, left long uncomfortable pauses, was repetitious and pissy, and in general looked like someone on the defense who was getting hit too hard too often to the point of blacking out. All hail the idiot king!

If these idiots keep saying that Kerry is a flip-flopper and hasn’t articulated his platform, I hope the undecided voters see through these shallow tactics. Over and over this administration seems to think if you say it is true it magically is true. It’s not true of the economy, it’s not true of the Iraq situation and it’s not true of Kerry’s positions. They wildly underestimate the intelligence of the American people and unless you are stubbornly anti-Kerry you can’t be oblivious to their constant spin machine.

Kerry 1, Bush 0

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