Don't Believe Everything You Think

I saw a great bumper sticker that said “Don’t believe everything you think.” This is profound. Everyone, myself included, believes things that, if we were to gain more insight, more facts or considered it more carefully, we disagree with. We disagree with some things we think. That’s pretty funny. It is really important that we all keep this in mind. If you believe that everything you think is 100% for sure correct, you are a moron with a deluded view of your own perfection. I suspect everyone reading this agrees: none of us are perfect and some of what we believe is wrong.

This is important because debate is often seen as each side trying to convince the other they are right. It is seldom that we are open to being convinced! The paralytic political warfare we are all suffering through (and participating in) does not further the issues. We don’t get nearer the truth. If you read my blog is it clear I am a raging liberal but I still feel a responsibility to seek the truth, even in cases where it may not appear to match the liberal agenda. I don’t want to be right because I shouted louder and longer than the other guy, I want to be right because the facts agree.

So I’m asking you to remember that there is room in your world view for improvement. You can learn and grow and your beliefs and opinions may change in the process. This is good! Leave the door ajar on your opinions and beliefs.

Don't Believe Everything You Think

4 thoughts on “Don't Believe Everything You Think

  1. Dan says:

    In the spirit of your comment about growing beyond our current set of beliefs, I want to share a bumper sticker I saw today.

    It said, “Work harder, there are millions of wellfare recipients depending upon you”.


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