What Are They Hiding?

This article at CNN reports that House Speaker Dennis Hastert is refusing to extend a deadline for the 9/11 commission, even though “the bipartisan members of the commission unanimously supported the extension, and the White House has publicly indicated it would support it”. Can you say fall guy? The Republicans are orchestrating a ploy, in essence using 9/11 as a political chess piece, and you should be outraged. We want the truth, that’s all. We want to learn from this attack. Why are the supposedly security-focused Republicans thrwarting the efforts of Americans to learn from this horrific attack?

In addition, Condoleezza Rice, Bush and Cheney are all refusing to meet with the commission. Meanwhile, Clinton and Gore are fully cooperating with the commission.

I’ll remind you that this commission is not a bunch of liberals — it was created by Congress in November 2002 and is a 10-member bipartisan panel.

How can honest conservatives support such evasive bullshit?

What Are They Hiding?

One thought on “What Are They Hiding?

  1. chad says:

    I think they support it ’cause, as I mentioned, when your end is the only just one who cares if they make mistakes? They will view such efforts to “investigate” our actions as unpatriotic. It’s scary, but I think it obviously doesn’t matter why or how we invaded Iraq. Or what happend before, during, or after 9/11. Sometimes America just needs to “kick some ass” and the followers are happy, as long as we on the winning side. If we’re not then it’s obviously people asking questions (whether government officials, in this case, or protesters) who are “degrading our morale”

    I think this is reflected heavily in the never question a president during war mentality that is not apparent in practice — they actually talk about it on TV. Congressmen get on TV and blather on about not questioning the president while we’re at war. It all falls along the same lines. Amazing how far removed from the founding ideals (the good ones) America is moving.


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