Bush Changes Laws of Physics

Here is another example of how if you disagree with the Bush administration you are instantly labeled partisan or biased. This article at WiReD describes a report from the Union of Concerned Scientists detailing how the administration has distorted science whenever it disagrees with its ideological agenda. I suppose just like Republicans like to cry about how academia is consistently more liberal than they would like, they will now accuse scientists around the world of being puppets of the liberal agenda. I’m sorry, but just like there is a correlation between being rich and being conservative, there is a correlation between being educated and being liberal. This is because the conservative agenda is about protecting the status quo and the liberal agenda is about improving the status quo. Conservatives think that money is the best motivator and liberals think that doing the right thing is the best motivator. Both sides are correct, in a sense. But liberals are much more open to the profit motive than conservatives are to the “do the right thing” motive. Case in point: I will pay more if strengthening lead poisoning regulations makes things more expensive. I will not bitch. The Bush administration would rather have us pay less and be more at risk. The science is unambiguous — small amounts of lead are very dangerous, especially to children. How can you possibly defend companies who knowingly pollute the world with lead when we know this? Fuck their shareholders, do the right fucking thing.

I’ve digressed but the above mentioned article is more proof that the Bush administration will stop at nothing to further their fucked up political agenda, which no rational person should support.

Bush Changes Laws of Physics

2 thoughts on “Bush Changes Laws of Physics

  1. Yeah, that’s funny. While there is certainly a lot of debate and disagreement among scientists on various issues, there is almost always a generally accepted theory. These theories never have a political agenda — they are debated on their scientific merit. If your politics don’t work with generally accepted scientific theory, you have a problem.


  2. chad says:

    I am not sure if you know, but regarding the “missle defense system” almost all of the top tier physicists have signed a petition to not work on any project related to missle defense. I am paraphrasing what I heard about the White House response, but basically the press secretary eventually had to say something. And he did. What the White House said was essentially something like, “10 second tier physicists are as good as one top tier one.” Just some more fuel for your fire.


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