The Religious Police State

Thanks to the Bush administration, we now live in a police state. Check out this article, written by one of the leading security experts in the United States. This is not partisan warfare, this is real. This administration is completely misguided and is manipulating the fears of Americans to strengthen its power base and to distract us from what a complete fucking loser this president is. America is becoming evil.

Now, to this sad state of affairs, throw in the fact that to the rest of the world we are considered religious fanatics. The radical conservative Christians in this country are engaged in the most confused agenda I have seen. They are against abortions AND against birth control. They are FOR capital punishment and AGAINST welfare. The are apparently perfectly willing to sacrifice the separation of church and state provided it is their church. They are trying to turn their religious doctrine into US law. Shouldn’t that concern you?

I know this country is better than this but the people who agree with me don’t fucking vote. Please, please, please vote against these religious fanatic police state loving idiots.

The Religious Police State

One thought on “The Religious Police State

  1. I’m with you brother. Bush’s issue with gay marriage is another one. He has no problem bringing God into the dialogue and in the same breath he says he’ll back a constitutional amendment defining marriage as being between a man and a woman. That is positively offensive to me. It’s such blatant disregard for the separation of church and state that I am puzzled as to why there isn’t more furious backlash.


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